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  • In my day, the guy ALWAYS paid for his date's meal, movie, or whatever. NO ... I would not get tired of taking care of my girlfriend!
  • No I would not get tired at all. I was brought up to be a gentleman so I would pay for all even if you had money. Love goes further than finance.
  • In the short term, no. If it went on for years and years, maybe. One thing you might do is talk to your boyfriend, and tell him that you are a bit uncomfortable with him paying for everything. You might also suggest dates/activities that cost little or nothing as alternatives to ones where he has to provide the financing. This will at least make him aware that you acknowledge the issue, and that you don't take his generosity for granted. That can go a long way to preventing any resentment over the issue. Good luck (both with the job hunt and the boyfriend)
  • Nope... as a guy, I feel like I am "providing" for the girl, playing the part of a true "man" by taking care of her. If I could afford it (and if I had a girlfriend right now) I would pay whenever for whatever. Unfortunately, many girls feel like it's some sort of male-ego-chauvinistic thing, rather than trusting that "This is one of many ways I WANT to express my love for you." When you get a job, go ahead and pay for yourself, or even for him a few times - but trust him when he says he doesn't mind, and count yourself lucky to have such a cool boyfriend.
  • This is easy. Imagine if you paid for everything. How would that go, do you think?
  • Don't you think 16 is too early to get full time work anyway? I mean, you have school to finish, no?
  • I think it would have more to do with your personality and qualities. You could be a great person that he loves to be around so he really doen't mind paying if it means spending time with you! Just don't let it go to your head and become a gold digger lol
  • I'd only be upset if I felt I was being taken advantage of.
  • What do you pay for? Do you cook for him and provide things that you can afford? You don't have to give back the same thing you get from him..but you do have to give back. Happy Sunday! :)
  • I probably wouldn't be able to make the relationship last under those conditions, but you're stronger than me in that regard so if he doesn't have any problem with it (or doesn't seem to), then try not to worry. When you're unable to get out much, you tend to focus on the little things, it'll be different once you get your driver's licence.
  • If I loved you the money would be irrelevant. If, however your were a miserable person, who in turn made me miserable, I'd suffer over every penny.
  • I would suggest getting a job. Guys don't mind paying for the girl, but they also find it attractive when a girl can provide for herself and have a busy life. I'm sure he would appreciate it too if you offered to pay for your date every once in a while... but let him be the man most of the time and pay.
  • Im in the exact situation. he says he doesnt mind but you still feel bad about him buying stuff honestly, the best thing i can suggest is everytime you go out to movies or dinner, make sure after the night you say thankyou and give him a huge kiss and cuddle! be thankful you have such an awesome boyfriend, i know i am!
  • see i heard there s a non-written rule that....guys are always responsible for financial stuffs (while going out with gf's). when i go out wit my gf, i m the person who s paying...i inquired the same stuff wit my friends, thr matter s also the nw i m really thinking that thr s a law..anyway...i wont bother...carry on...let him pay....dats our fate...
  • Don't fuss over it. He's already acting like a gentleman... If he enjoys your company, and you're not using him, and I don't think you are, just go with it. Complement him. Let him know you think it's great that he's so thoughtful... and that you like him a whole lot. Also, don't stress over the job... if you want to get a job to make YOU happy, then do it. But get a part time job. Don't worry about a full time job just yet...enjoy being a teenager while it lasts... I wish I did a little more. And then, when you guys go out with each other, let him pay for it, then offer to pay the tip, if need be ^^ That one's always a nice one. Good luck!
  • Your company is worth it! You can do nice things for him, make him dinner at your house, or plan a picnic. Do nice things for him...wash his car with him- help him with his chores- Your worth it!!!!!
  • At first it is fine. But if you do nothing to reciprocate then it will wear thin. Save up some money and tell him a week inm advance that you feel so bad that "this week it is my treat". Say thank you, EVERY TIME. However, if youwant to be more independant...get a job!! Empower yourself. By following your current path you are a leaf in the wind, dependant on him. If he dumps you right now, your lifestyle will change dramatically. Get a Job and you can treat him too.
  • Money should'nt be the driving force of people who are together. Believe me, it was a boost to my self esteem to be in a position to let us have fun. I'm sure he's getting the satisfaction of doing the same. This speaks volumes because you are sensitive about this when some women could'nt care less............
  • I'm very happy that you're feeling bad about your bf paying all the time. It shows you're responsible enough not to be a burden on him. I suggest you tell him you think it's unfair that he should undergo the expenses all the time, even though he can afford it and enjoys it. There are so many places where you might spend time together where hardly any expense is involved. When I was much younger, my then gf (now my wife) and I used to attend free lectures, go to the musueum, browse around for second-hand books on the pavement, go to the park, and, on a few occasions, even spent time on a railway platform, making (occasionally rude) comments about the passers by and getting our giggles that way. The modest price of the occasional icecream or popcorn or whatever won't be too much of a drain on his pocket (or yours), and to him would be an act of "chivalry" (fast disappearing), which shouldn't make you feel too guilty either. The important thing is to enjoy each other on a more-or-less equal footing. I wish you many Happy days (maybe years) ahead together.
  • NO; I believe that it is the guys place to pay for everything on a date .... UNLESS; the girl has invited the guy out. Since your b/f always pays on a date ..why don't you fix him a home cooked meal and invite him over ?
  • I'm 18 and have been with my man since I was 14. :] He used to pay for EVERYTHING for me and I felt really bad, too. But as long as you look for little ways to show him you care, it's not that bad. Like... clean out/wash his car and don't act like it's a big deal. I was/am constantly looking for things to do for him to show him I love and appreciate him. Then when he went to college (which took him 800 miles away from me :( ) he couldn't get a job and I have a great job... So he has zero money, and I pay for everything and I don't mind one single freaking bit. Oh, and the last thing you want is to get just any job just for the sake of a job. Hating your job when you're 16 SUCKS. Do something you'll enjoy.
  • If it really bothers you try to find cheaper dates you can go on. You could cook him dinner- thats free for him. You could just rent a movie for a dollar and stay at home.
  • Let him pay. If he has a problem with it he will let u know.
  • at this age your job is to get an education. is he still in school? the one who asks out pays. so as long as he sets the date up he would not have any problem paying.
  • Keep looking for a job. He knows you want to get a job. He probably likes you a lot. Guys at I'm assuming 16 or 17 might be looking for something else..but I don't think anything is wrong w/what you are doing...I'm sure you'll get a job soon.
  • if I was guy, I wouldnt mind,,, hey thats a real man, that always pays... but if you were a guy,, i would tell you to get a j o b ... lol.
  • no, I wouldn't mind taking my girlfriend out if i were a boy.
  • Yup... I mean, there's no reason that we can't just have fun hanging out without having to pay anything. But if I always was paying for stuff and my s/o was paying nothing, I'd definitely be upset by it.
  • It's great that you don't want to take advantage. Keep looking for a job and in the meantime, you can give him other things, do errands, offer to wash his car or some such to show your appreciation.
  • No, but seeing as he is 16, his mom probably gives him money
  • For some reason, I never would have guessed you were 16. Your answers that I have read just seem very mature. Anyway, to answer your question, if your boyfriend likes you enough, he shouldn't mind picking up the tab. After all, he might be getting a chivalrous kick out of it. But if you feel bad about it, then look for a job so you can pay for yourself.
  • I wouldn't worry about it at all. Once you have a job then you can treat occasionally. :)
  • i'm kind of in the same situation as you are right now. my boyfriend doesn't mind paying for the stuff but we don't actually spend time together besides at school. (parents with their strict rules. >:P) he said that i don't have to owe hm any money for the darkhorse cd that he'd bought me over xmas though i had nothing in return to give him. (helping him with homework counts- probably.) he has a job directing people to seats at a family restraunt. i don't have a job. can't work til you're 16. you shouldn't really feel mad/tired of this. be happy and retunr your love to him and if you do get married in the future, help him out. couples will never get even with each other. that's what my friend told me once.
  • call me old fashioned but its no big deal for me to pay for a girl. its just normal, maybe its a southern thing
  • i wouldnt worry about it, hes supposed to pay for you anyways

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