• "If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him." --Voltaire
  • Simple answer: yes. More involved answer: everything worth doing well involves planning and preparation. God informed Adam and Eve in the garden, that He would send someone to reverse what they had done. It was at the right time that He did it.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Which god? Is it the same god that nobody can prove to anyone else?
  • 1. Absolutely nothing would have began or changed unless a force acted upon it. Consider one second prior to the big bang. When there wasn't a universe, a force converted pure energy to matter. Something caused it all to begin. 2. The plan to redeem man was created before the universe was. As evil resolves itself and this last probationary advent of mankind winds to a close, everyone is extended the invitation to exist as royalty forever.
  • We made him up.
    • OrangeDonRump
      100% Correct - and nobody has ever proven otherwise.
  • Religion has existed since man has been able to personify nature. The more creative we've become the more our religions have progressed in complexity. Used to be there was no heaven and hell, just the spiritual plane. Now we've got heaven, hell, purgotory, ect... It all boils down to man see fire, man no understand fire, fire must be god. Man conqure fire, man no understand sun, sun become god. Man conqures sun, and so on. The only thing is, we've gotten smart enough to no longer need gods. But in every transitory period, there are believers and non-believers. We created god, but now that we're to the point of no longer needing him, some of us just can't let it go.
  • Let's see... No. Yes. And, uhhhh, I'd imagine it seemed like as good of a time as any.
  • well it seems like god was created by imagination
  • Various people in time found some connection with their own spirituality. The dogma of Redemption is part of the Christian doctrine, which bases on one of those experiences. It has also been somewhat elaborated since then. It is better to part from the idea of a personal god who is taking decisions and just looks like us.
  • Though they cannot digest the physics of eternal matters at least they've found butt buddies and that is always beautiful and very sweet = altijd leuk en helamal lief.
  • If we woke God up... then he is not God. So the error would be to call something we create as God. God would be the uncreated Creator. So Either He is God above and Beyond all that we can comprehend before there was anything and being the unmoved mover, or He is some opium we take to ease life. I believe He is the unmoved Mover and the uncreated Creator.
    • OrangeDonRump
      I wonder what you sound like when you're not stoned...
  • He couldn't have possibly existed 1 million years ago but have created the Earth and its contents only 6,000 years ago
  • No one can prove the existence or non-existence of God for sure. Those who believe, say he always existed. Those who don't believe say he never existed. One thing is for sure : 2000 years ago (more or less) a son of man called Jesus Christ presented humanity with superior ideas. This was truly divine inspiration and enlightenment. He claimed He was the son of God, and He truly was for if He weren't he could never had presented us with these superb ideas. He knew He was the son of God. But ... which God? There were others before him : Lord Buddha, Lord Krishna, and others after him : The Prophet Mohammed. They were too sons of God ... But which God? Why was humanity redeemed 2000 years ago? Because the time was right then. But ... humanity was also enlightened 2500 years ago by Lord Buddha and 1500 years ago by The Prophet Mohammed and was given direction and guidance by Lord Krishna around 3200 BCE. Why did all these sons of man, who were also sons of God, offered their ideas in those years? Because the time was right then, that is, humanity was mature enough at that time to understand and comprehend those Divine Ideas. Was it the work of God or the work of man? It is up to you to decide.
  • My belief: God IS and is beyond time, choosing to enter time to have a relationship with us. God is eternal. My second belief relating to your question is that God has always been acting in history to redeem mankind and call people to Himself.
  • Okay I will, thanks.
  • God does exist. We created him and before him we created Goddess and other gods in other cultures. Even Jesus, whom Christians claim as real though there is evidence contrary to that belief, says not to look for God outside ourselves but to look within us to find the creator. The Holy Bible written by man is full of horrific tales of slaughter, rape, incest and mass murder at the whim of God. It is fear based and I wish the Christians would stop projecting this God. We are the keepers of the peace. Do we deserve no credit for the humanitarian acts that abound as if this acts are done by God alone. You must remember that Christianity is not a very old religion and people that didn't know of The God of the Hebrews lived and loved and did acts of kindness. We are the creators and must take responsibility for our creations and stop looking outside for higher powers because they are a part of who we are.
  • Gods exist in the minds of men. Every man has a different mental image of his special god(s). Therefore, throughout human history, every believer has always worshiped his own unique god(s). They worship the images inside their heads.  

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