• Love is blind. You only see their good qualities and nothing they do is bad.
  • Probably because it is not a good thing to say to a "friend". You might say they "need focus" in their lives or something like that, but calling them a "loser" is not helpful. I would not listen to anyone who said that to me, either.
  • I think you answered your own question ... he is a loser.
  • Because it takes one to know one....just kidding, but couldn't resist.
  • Because he is hitting your bong... duh.... Perhaps you should tell him this at the welfare office, when you drop him off tomorrow!
  • Probably because your calling him a loser. Why would he want to listen to you? If you were an actual "friend", and you called me a loser, I would probably backhand you.
  •'re the loser... [you're not listening]
  • because he's too smart to let other people's mere opinions drag him down?
  • Hmmm...Maybe because he doesnt like being called a loser by a friend :)
  • TJ, I hope you didn't use the term, "loser," when talking to him. No one likes to be called that, and they're not likely to respond well to it. Usually, when people hear some harsh criticism, they'll tune you out. That may be why your friend is not listening to you. If you want your friend to listen to you, take a more supportive approach (instead of criticizing him). He'll listen more.
  • swap the shoe here, and put it on your foot, how would you feel if some one repeatdly said that to you, not very nice is it? if he has some problems, be a good friend, and offer ways to try and put him straight :)
  • I don't know, but i'm glad that he won't, because that's a nasty thing to say
  • beauty is in the eye of the beholder, friend. you can tell your friend what you think of their b/f as much as you want, but they will continue to be destructive until they see it on their own. Trust me...I was on the flip side of this situation. My best friend insisted that the person I was involved with was an asshole, and I fought it so much. I nearly lost the friendship. As it turns out she was 100% right...the person was a complete asshole, but I had to see it for myself. If you can, give your friend some space, maybe they will see the truth, and maybe they won't, but either way, you know you have done your best.
  • Why would he listen? If in fact he is a looser, telling him that, would mean what? To him. Would it explain to him how to see himself doing any different. Would it give him the ability to believe in himself to do any better? Would it give him, the friendship and support we all need to make it in this life? Would telling him he is a looser, be words of wisdom that give him strength to carry him through? Or would you telling him he is a looser say to him; I see you need a friend & support hell with you.
  • I can't imagine calling anyone I call a friend a "loser" (except maybe in a very narrowly-cast joke). I don't think your friend is a 'loser'. I think his so-called friend who throws around the term 'loser' needs to look in a mirror. . . .
  • Because he's not so much a loser as you think he is... He doesn't listen to others' negative opinions of him. However, if he's still your friend, he IS a loser in some respects.
  • why would he want to be friends with a loser like you. How does it feel? he doesn't deserve you. you are not his friend and I hope he realizes that and moves on
  • he's a loser thats why!
  • He's in denial or he may not listen because you don't have that right to call him/her a loser
  • OMG...that's so mean! LOL!!! ❁❁❁
  • if he's your friend and your calling him a loser then your the loser
  • because he doesnt like hearing the truth.
  • Call me a loser, or a bad friend, and I probably won't listen to you either. Now, if you're telling HER that HE is a loser...she's probably blinded by love.
  • If someone told me that my boyfriend was a loser, I probably wouldnt listen either. Girls are blinded by love and they want to be able to find out for themselves if hes good for her or not. A prime example is Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt of "The Hills". Lauren Conrad tried to warn Heidi about Spencer but she wouldnt listen and she believed that he was true and good for her!
  • Well, verbally abusing her boyfriend isn't going to get a good reaction to begin with. If you have nothing to back up what your saying of what she things would be a hazard to her. She'll just have to learn by ignorence, if your right and he is a loser.
  • you know, why don't you ask a new question. Why should anybody listen to other people when they call them a loser.
  • i tried to say that to my didn't work she is still going out wit the same guy. it makes me mad tho b/c he cheats on her and she does nothing and he has done this to past girls.

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