• Why yes ma'am it would be. Seems so simple doesn't it?
  • that is a dream that will never happen unfortunately. I am still fairly young but It gets worse every year. It would be nice but it is just a dream. you will never get anyone to treat a rich and poor person the same or a man and female the same or even a black and white the same. as long as their are inperfect humans their will be judgemental, racist, humans
  • That's a very interesting philosophical concept. I believe it would work, but how do you convince the pedophiles, murderers, rapists, power mongers, and greedy robber barons of Industry? As is discussed in these questions, it just doesn't seem possible. The prevailing sentiment of today seems to be look out for number one no matter what, and "respect" is something other people have to earn before they get any. I don't agree with that, and I wish the world was perfect, but I gave up expecting it to happen in my life-time.
  • I would sign up for that.
  • Yes. Ideally, in future generations, it could and should boil down to one thing - the Universality of Humanity. I'm all for it. "People are just people. People are just people like you." (Regina Spektor)
  • Sure would. Maybe someone will find a genie in a bottle and that can be one of the three wishes. LOL Right........ Sorry to be sarcastic.
  • You're talking Eutopia here. Wish it was reachable, but all humans have their good and bad properties. They will remain in conflict with each other till Apocalyps I'm afraid.
  • It's a nice dream, but will never happen. There's too much envy, jealousy, conceit, egotism, and downright nastiness for it to occur.
  • Beyond their beliefs, gender, race, et al, there are people out there who are just plain jerks. Those people are the reason why this Utopian ideal will remain a Eutopia.
  • Yes it would. Unfortunatley, the nature of human kind determines that this will never happen.
  • i think so

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