• has she asked you specifically to buy it ? that would be a bit rude in my culture (english) have you been paying for everything so far? i would just go there order what i like let her order what she wants . i preffer to keep it so nothing is " expected " and she is thinking " i might have to pay" so its a nice surprise if she doesnt for her then , dont get in a routine of doing everything for her or sheel take it for granted
  • If she demanded that you buy it, I might be tempted to say no. If she just said it's something she'd like when you two go out, after nine months, I'd say get it for her El Cheapo. You want her to be your girlfriend of ten months;)
  • Ha ha ha ha....... check your wallet !!!!!!!
  • go to a nicer restaurant, give your money to a family place rather than a corporation
  • R u kidding me bro? This is why girls are crazy. We make them that way. Go to a real seafood restaurant and buy her whatever she wants before someone else does.
  • OK first of all, if you have a girlfriend, be prepared to spend money on her. That's just a fact of life that you will learn to accept, so take it like a man. Secondly, Red Lobster? Unless it's like, her favorite restaurant in the world or something, I would seriously avoid taking a girl there on a date. Take her to a nice place, there's got to be a better seafood restaurant around where you may spend a little more, but your girl will be impressed and have a memorable experience. Say no to Red Lobster, sure. Don't say no to treating your girlfriend like a princess every once in a while.
  • I hate my spouse to death for always complaining "Why youa always pick the most expensive meal in the menu?" This days when I can afford anything I want with my own money I just pick the real expensive things at restaurant, I don;t care about his comment anymore.
  • i guess if you're cheap and don't care about her feelings, then go ahead and say "no"...
  • Have you told her that it is a bit too expensive for you? Try it. Then you both will have a better idea of whether you should be together or not.
  • you're taking her out to eat and concidering refusing to buy her the food she wants? Go to a cheaper restuarant if you're going to be cheap.
  • 17.50? Bloody hell, I've seen lobster go for €125.00 in certain Portugese restuarnts.
  • I hope you got her what she wanted. If you and her have been together for almost year, she is worthy of a dinner at twice the price if it makes her happy. I love Red Lobster, my folks took me there for my 18th birthday dinner and I am 43 now and that is one of the few places in my area that is still in business all these years later. The cheesy biscuits totally rule.
  • Since you are the guy it is your responsibility to buy her meals. Depending on your budget if an 18 dollar plate is too high go somewhere else or offer to split a meal. Some places have large portions and can feed 2 people fairly decent, especially if you add a desert.
  • Why would you say no, if that's too expensive take her somewhere else. Go out for pizza or something. You can still have a good date, but you won't have to tell her no because it will be something you can afford
  • These guys got it covered for sure.
  • How old are you?
  • Say yes, but suggest you share it....and be honest about why. If she is a kind soul she will understand and not embarass you.
  • If $17.50 is going to cause you to break out in a sweat, Find somewhere cheaper to go or go out less often. You won't have a good time if your worried about the bill. I also wouldn't ever get anyone to take me out for dinner and anounce that i was going to order the most expensive thing on the menu before we even got there.
  • If you can afford the meal then yes of course you should buy it. If you are still at school and it is too expensive for your budget explain this to her and go to a different place to eat .You have been together long enough for her to have some idea of your budget.
  • We took my Grandson out for a special treat at Red Lobster last month, and $17.50 would have been the cheapest thing on the menu. Most of the entres were over $20 and the appetizer and salads were extra.
  • I just checked out their website, I was curious to see whether or not their fish was the real thing or crayfish. Anyway, here you go. Oops wrong one. Back in a sec
  • Well, I would say it depends on why you are considering saying no. If it is because you don't have a lot of money, explain to her that you are a little short on funds right now and would rather go somewhere else, or go there and stay within a budget. If you do this without getting defensive or mean, and she truely cares about you, it shouldn't be a problem. On the other hand, if you can afford it without creating financial problems to yourself, just go with the flow. Don't say no just for the sake of being a cheapskate. My ex-husband used to do that to me. I understood it when we were just short on money, but when we were both financially comfortable, he would still complain about what I ordered. I'm the type of girl that doesn't mind eating at McDonald's, Taco Bell or ordering pizza, but don't take me to Red Lobster and think I'm going to order a plain hamburger and fries. I don't concentrate on prices, I look for what I would like to eat. This became so stressful to me that I began to avoid going out to eat with him. I called him the menu-nazi. Finally, when the waiter/waitress would ask if it was one check or two, I would say "Two please, my tastes are to expensive for his wallet." And then I would pay for my own dinner. A few times of doing this, he stopped commenting on my food selection, and told the waitres/waiter that it was one check before they had a chance to ask, LOL. Hope you are nothing like him. I mean he would go to an all you can eat steak place, hide a large ziploc bag in the diaper bag and drop steaks into it when no one was looking to take home for later. But as I said above, if your money is truly just limited right now, just explain it to her. If she truly cares for you, she won't care where you eat. I am with a guy now who would give me the moon, but because I love him and just being with him, I am just as happy going to Taco Bell for a dinner that cost less than $10 for both of us. Spending time together should be the most important part. Good Luck!

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