• Hi, When I was young I used to hate bed time, because I knew when I woke up I would have to go to school - which I hated just as much.
  • Children are very playful they like to play a lot and sleeping is very they can't move and be active so that the reason
  • I always hated it because i felt left out, since my older sisters and parents got to stay up. It was also kinda embarasing for me too.
  • I don't know I always love bedtime and going to sleep. SOmetimes I went right to sleep and sometimes ai would read for hours under my covers witha flashlight. But then again, I have always gotten up real early to start my day. Today I got up at 5 am and now I'm waiting for hubby to get a bit more sleep so I can wke him. And then I go to sleep at 11 PM. Maybe if the children had started thier days earlier and then had a nice hard play day, they would feel the need to sleep.
  • Well it seems like most of them hate it cause they have to go to school and wake up early.
  • Sometimes they do not like obeying their parents rules.
  • I don't know...if I knew then how much I would LOVE bed time now, I would have enjoyed it more.
  • I asked my Mum, and she said "...because it's boring - too much life to do."
  • When I was a kid I hated bedtime for the same reason I dislike going to bed now...I always felt like I was missing out on what the people who were still awake were doing.
  • I think with most kids it is because they are afraid they are going to miss something.
  • I think with most kids it is because they are afraid they are going to miss something.
  • The allure of what was on the other side of the 9 o'clock watershed.
  • For me, I always felt left out because my older siblings seemed to pick the most exciting activities to do right after I was sent to bed. Bedtime was also dreaded because it was extremely boring.
  • 12-05-2016 I have never had children hate anything, but boys often want to play instead of nap. I have to lie down with them until they fall asleep.
  • Because of the flesh-eating monsters under their beds.
  • Kids hate it because usually parents dont have a consistent routine. With a schedule and routine kids learn what is next...dinner, bath, bedtime...its not an issue.
  • cause theyre having so nnuch fun they dont want to go to sleep

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