• they have as much right to own one as anybody else.maybe even more. they are retired. they worked all their life and now worked hard. They now have nothing to do so why not buy a computer and go online and enjoy the rest of their life
  • I used to get my upgraded computers from my FIL in his 80s and he was quite the wiz. So how elderly were you asking about lol!!!
  • Speaking as an elderly person who owns 2 computers, I think it is wonderful. We may not have had the advantage of becoming computer literate throughout our lives and especially in school, but we still have brains and curiosity and find the advantages of the communication and research possibilities to be awesome!! I have reconnected with old school friends from 50+ years ago...imagine that! We old folk are loving this electronic age. P.S. I also have a Blackberry, an iPod, an MP3, a DS...and....what else? oh, flat screen TV...surround sound and about 1500 music CDs.
  • Would you consider me to be elderly? I'm 62 years old and I have taught computer use and developed database applications and spreadsheet solutions for a number of businesses. I'm the AB expert on Computer Software, word processors, spreadsheets and databases among other computer-related things, so I think it's just fine for us elderly folk to use computers. In fact some of us use them a lot more effectively than many young people.
  • some, congratulations.. others.. oh god , you have a long way to go
  • i dont see anything wrong with that
  • It's necessary in this day and age. But elderlies buying a car is bloody dangerous though.
    • Mrs. C
      Interesting that insurance rates for young people are MUCH higher than for "elderlies". I wonder if that has anything to do with their driving record?
    • Ice man
      Once again, the hammer strikes the nail ... directly on the head.
  • I think it is great and nobody else's business.
  • Its ok but I always get older ones given to me for free.
  • Why would I care?
  • I'm an elderly person and have had computers for decades! Today, everyone needs a computer to function in the world. Not sure why you even ask this? You must be very young .... LOL!
    • Ice man
      Exactly, but it's an old question and you're still cool. : )
  • I am pushing 80 and use my laptop daily. I also have two desk tops as well but don't use them much.
  • As one who is over sixty, I can attest that access to the internet beats the hell outta Comcast TV, cell phones, IoT, or any other modern crapola. I like it just fine.
  • Fair play to them. Computers are for anyone of any age. Some people may be illiterate of technology and others are literate but we all have different intelligences. Elderly people are entitled to have a computer.
  • It can keep them worldly and in contact with family and friends.
  • It's a great idea. Once they become more used to digital technology: familiarity can encourage continued use.
  • Probably I was programming computers before you were born. It's no big deal.
  • I have purchased several of them over the years, and I qualify as "elderly". If we want to buy one and we can afford it, why not? Are there now age restrictions on the purchase of them? 2/2/23
  • Hmmm, What do I think? What do you think about 30 somethings buying books to read? Equivalent question. I'm in my 70s and I own three laptops. I use one or more every day. I don't think anything about it, I just do it.
  • Like with younger people, it depends on the person!!! My Mom & Dad should NEVER have had a computer because they didn't understand at all how one worked & they could destroy on in 30 seconds or less & have NO clue what the last thing that they did!!! I've known some young people like that as well. I have a neighbor in his 90's who buil dscomputers from the desk up & also codes his own apps. I do my best to NOT assume the capabilities of a person until I get to learn it first hand!!!
  • My Mom did that. She spent 5k on an Apple with lessons. It became a doorstop. Nothing ever came of it. It was as if she threw it out the window. Once she saw how much work it was going to be she caved. All the examples above are success stories but imagine what might have happened if she put that 5K into a new car or starting a college fund, or even donating it to charity. It was money poorly spent.
  • To me its fine elderly people buy computers as long as they can either figure out how to work them or someone can teach them.
  • That’s good for them. Computers are for anyone regardless of age. It’s good to hear elderly people using today’s technology.

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