• If this is just a side effect from weening off the drug, one week to one month - depending on your body. If irritability is caused by something else... who knows.
  • 'Klonopin' - that's roche's name in the uSA for what the rest of the world knows as 'Rivotril' (clonazepam) isn't it? Well, it's about the strongest of the anxiolytic BZDs, and i would expect that since you were on what is really a tiny dose of this, your sleep pattern and irritability should take no more than a week or two to right itself. I USED to use this drug, 2mg t.d.s., and it took a six-week taper and a month of hellish insomnia before I was OK. You have been on practically nothing of that order. I am now on XANAX brand alprazolam, but a tiny dosage - 2.25mg/day.

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