• I will assume your talking about aliens from another planet and not illegals from another country. I have never seen an alien that I know of but I feel it is possible that lifeforms of some form is out there somewhere. Anytime I may have doubt the question always come back around about why there are other planets out there if not for other types of lifeforms.
  • Well, I really liked E.T. I just wish all of the others ones would stop playing games and just come out and tell us what they want.
  • i am one! no not really.. i think they most definatly exist. its selfish to think that us humans are the only life form! but i have no idea what they're appearance/purpose would be. but they probably look like us?
  • Ijust hope they really don't have acid for blood.
  • Aliens from outer space are among us
  • illegals or space aliens?
  • I think outer space aliens are okay as long as they are peaceful and lawful.
  • Legal aliens, law-abiding: no problem. Illegal aliens: problem.
  • An alien is an unknown species on Earth and they are not on another planet since Earth has life. There are delusional people whose head are in the sci-fi movies believing in aliens not of the Earth. Some scientists tend to focus on space rather than focus on the world they live in when there are species yet to be discovered in the oceans, deserts and deep forests. The definition of alien needs to be understood properly by people but instead they are delusional believing in little green men on Mars for instance
  • i have never met any to know

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