• If you think about it we are all aliens when we forget that the body we inhabit does not define our essence. I suppose you mean non-humans from other planets in other galaxies, why not. Sky's the limit (or shall I say the universe)
  • No, that's all 'fake news' invented by Congress to distract us with the controversy over the building of a wall from the fact that they robbed Fort Knox!
    • Linda Joy
      on a more serious note I think anything's possible. Jesus said in John 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold:
    • mushroom
      "there shall be one flock and one shepherd." He said sheep. Kinda difficult to herd, say, Tyrannosaurs together with those sheep. "Friends, today we welcome our brothers from the planet Zercon...ARRRRGHHH!"
    • Venus1485
      Jesus didn't exist, so he couldn't really say anything.
  • Yes because why have universe so big.
    • Venus1485
      A huge universe doesn't guarantee that ghosts, fairies, ETs, etc. exist.
  • Yes, illegal ones!
  • Yes. Americans exist
    • Wakko
      Obviously an escapee from the reservation. :P
  • they might except ive never seen one
  • There is a general formula that takes in a broad set of factors; size of the universe, and average number of planets per star: it's called Drake's Equation. It says there are probably many. But another guy has Fermi Paradox, that asks, if so many why we don't see them? Maybe space is to big, and time so long that many still isn't so much.
    • Linda Joy
      I can see that. They would die off before communication reached one another. Also intelligent species tend to destroy themselves and others. would you take a look at this question for me Please? Thank you.
    • Venus1485
      The so-called "Drake equation" is just a group of unknowns at whose value we must guess. When several science writers try it, their results vary by trillions. An equation has a definite answer, so this is really just the "Drake guess".
  • Yes, I am an alien in any nation besides Japan. Now, I am a legal alien in the USA. There are many legal and illegal aliens from other nations on Earth. As for ETs, there is no evidence that they exist or do not exist. There is only speculation that lacks a firm basis. The supposed "Drake Equation" is merely a systematic guess with a string of several unknowns. I have seen many celebrity scientists try it and produce answers varying by billions. A real equation has a firmer answer than that. Sayin that the universe is vast, ergo life must exist on many planets is illogical.
  • Aliens from other nations certainly exist, and some are illegal aliens. As for aliens from other planets, we do not know yet if they exist or not. There's only speculation without firm basis.
  • its possible, ive just never seen one
  • Of course.
  • If you think about it the word
  • Yes I do and would love to spend time with them as well.
  • May be aliens exist, because of the big universe and so many planets in the universe. There may be chances of life and also be the aliens.
  • People and things from other nations are aliens, and they certainly exist. As for ET aliens, there's no evidence for or against their existence. We have only wild speculation without firm basis.
  • I know what you mean,and yes,they do. Definitely. There is proof.
    • ReiSan
      No proof of space aliens.
  • its possible
  • According to the Bible, is anyone out there? The Bible Answers According to the Bible, extraterrestrial life not only exists but exists in abundance. It is more complex, more interesting, and more believable than anything that evolutionists, science-fiction writers, and moviemakers have dreamed up. After all, an extraterrestrial is simply a being who originates outside this earth and its atmosphere. Scientists wonder if there might be life-forms beyond our ability to detect. The Bible assures us that such beings do indeed exist. But they are not the products of evolution. Like all life in the universe, in whatever form, they came from the Source of life, Jehovah God. He is a spirit Being, and he has created myriads of other spirit beings of different types: angels, cherubs, and seraphs. They perform different work and functions in his intricate heavenly organization.

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