• All my friends say I sound like Dan LaFontane, the famous guy with the deep voice who does the movie trailers. Trust me, everyone I meet thinks I'm 5 years older than I really am. EDIT: Sorry, it's DON LaFontaine, and his website is There's a picture of him there. They say he has the most recognizable voice in the industry.
  • Not me, but many say my dog looks just like Santas Little Helper.
  • I always get people comming up to me saying i look like Tila Tequila
  • I don't see it but kate hudson
  • cameron diaz..i have a picture of me where i see the resemblence..and something from rachel weisz and something from marylin monroe..
  • With long hair, Patrick Swayzee, though you would have to be half drunk to see that. In other news, I kind of look like Matt damon . . .
  • Linda Blair they say my brother looks like Kiefer Sutherland.
  • Not me personally, but my mom when younger resembled Loretta Young ( look her photos up online!!) and my aunt looks a great deal like Audrey they both got older, the resemblance was even moreso! alas, Hepburn passed away but my aunt's still around, at 90!!...and I had an uncle who won a contest during WWII for the man looking most like Tyrone Power, a big screen idol in those days......and again, look his photos up online!! ME? sad to say, look like no one famous!! but my mom was sure a beauty!! just that it didn't pass off onto me!! LOL......

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