• Here I go answering my own question. Though just a belief, I also feel that just like DNA, we "inherited" some essence of whatever force created/initiated the universe, Perhaps permeating the entire universe. I would even extend this concept to include other intelligent animals, though I do draw the line at insects. Humor... They'll have to develop their own cosmology and perhaps exclude me.
  • Well I wouldn't use that phrase. In Zen, we talk about "true self". Well actually, we don't talk about it too much -- because the point is to realize it in a direct and immediate way in your own experience, rather than building up some system of beliefs and ideas about the ultimate nature of being. In my experience, it's clear that life is a "seamless whole" -- to be myself is to be inseparable from the Whole of life, all of humanity, ultimate Reality, or whatever you want to call it. Some people call it God; Zen doesn't really go there, and people get weird if you start talking that way about God -- the conventional separation between God and man is pretty sacrosanct in Western religions. But there's no question that an immense dimension of being is available to each individual, and that it expresses itself in and through us to the degree that we're available for such an expression. More to the point, that dimension of being isn't something separate from "myself", and it isn't ego either. Nor is it "supernatural" in the sense of being metaphysics. Science teaches us much about the interconnectedness of life, and true spirituality teaches the same thing from an "internal" perspective, as opposed to the "external" perspective of science. This is something that's very difficult to talk about without sounding like an idiot or mystic nutcase, so I rarely open my mouth about it. But it's late, your question has gone idle for a couple of days, and maybe my resistance is lower than usual :-) So if that's good enough to qualify as "divine spark", then definitely my answer to your question is "yes".
  • Yes. Very much so. I don't know how to explain how I come to this conclusion but others here who know more, have explained it expertly. You will know the divine spark exists within you if you seek it. You will be enligtened; so to speak. We experience that divineness every now and then through the beauty of a sunset, a rainbow across the sky, a new born baby, a sound of music, a song or a painting......of being in much beauty is there. It's from within, not external.
  • Yeah, only lists 8 episodes. It really was too clever for its time and for the general audience, perhaps. The concept would probably work today. A lot has changed since 1980. can profile Ben Vereen for you too. I suspect he exhausted himself on Broadway and is retired by now. But I'll check for myself, because I am not even sure he is still with us.
  • I believe. The things that make us human versus bestial are the things that most make me believe in the potential for devine existence. Also our idiosyncrasies.
  • Oh certainly, but it's not a spark, it's more like a musical vibration similar to the universal static heard on a TV set, the atoms which create our universe around us and the drama's we play out, are the cresendo's of life within the universe as we know it, everything plays out in unison, not individually. -- Im not a political radical, but I am concerned about given subjects that may have a profound effect on my life and the freedoms I have come to love. I am more a politcal critic, I just happen to point out the absurdity of extreme human; politics and religion. The symphony of the universe can be conducted or moded into a differant rythym by simply pointing it out by comment or criticism, such strokes and movements create emotional responses within everyone who deduces such terminology, even those with a negative mindset barrier. In my experience it seems mankind finds conducting chaos, is much more simple to do, than conducting harmony.
  • Yes. There is something about our ability to understand emergent properties both in ourselves and in the universe and our ability to cultivate those attributes that points to a bigger picture than the nuts and bolts universe we try to settle for out of security.
  • Divine being a relative
  • "Divine Spark".? "Yes" No mumbo-Jumbo Just the fact's 'Mam.Everything living has an electrical current,or spark, some faint,some stronger,From potato's to Pulitzer prize winner's.Sometime's not much differance between them.So life can only happen with this "Divine Spark" Like on TV someone is in the hospital and you see the heart monitor beeping and making noise next to them. that's actually reading the spark in people.When that machine goe's silent or flatline's the spark is no more and life is no more.Yes there is a divine spark in each of us,but don't ask me of it's origin or atomic structure.Just nice to have around...!!!

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