• try filing them
  • I am not sure whats going on, but if you clip your fingernails too short they can hurt. If they are too long, and you are typing a lot or something of that nature, as the previous poster stated, file them. There are no nerve endings in our nails so they can't all hurt at the same time. If by chance, they have changed color or something of that nature it could be a Virus, Fungal infection.
  • Also sometimes its because you get a lack of sleep. (Beleive it or not) Mine hurt right now because I got barely any sleep! Love ya, AnswerWoman532
  • Do you message excessively on your cell phone? This can be a reason.
  • have you been doing something which involves your hands being in water for a long time? this can make your finger nails hurt or if you bite them or cut them too short it can hurt aswell
  • Used water lately or anything that is mentally using your hands?
  • Psorisis!!
  • mine hurt as well... i don't know why. it's my pointer, thumb, and middle finger that hurts. it feel like it's right under the nail. opening a soda can is excruciating, and it can't be done. Anything involving a finger nail... Pealing some foil off the top of yogurt, or any other maneuver involving pinching. I can't read my son a pop-up book cause pinching the tabs is freakin crazy hurtful. Changing my sons diaper, pulling the felt edges over the diaper hurts as well. It's unreal. I've got to get this resolved. I don't abuse my hands at all. I work in an office, and at the most; I'll do some yard work with the rake, or something like that but generally would not expose my hands to any bizarre chemicals, or other substances which might weaken my nails. Don't chew, bite, scratch otherwise mess with my nails at all. The only thing I see unusual is that for the pointer, thumb, and middle finger there are a hundred little white lines visible. there's not any distortion, or dark areas. Just the extreme sensitivity and white lines. This sht sucks!
  • its probably a lack of calcium try drinking some milk
  • That's weird...mine never hurt...must be a female thing...
  • I've always found my nails hurt after i remove nail polish, and they don't normally stop hurting for a good 24-48 hours, or until i put more polish on them. im not sure if its because my nails are weak and the polish gives them strength or if its the potency of the remove i use, but i do know a few other people that have the same problem.

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