• That they r not looking for a promotion anytime soon
  • That they need to decide if stay or leave. Those are the ones that makes a job harder than it should be. Ahh.. and, I also wonder where are the supervisor when I need them!
  • I consider them to be lazy bastishes and should find some other job that they may be inspired to work at.
  • The question should be "What do you think of Supervisers who allow the co-workers to get away with the barest minimum?
  • I think that they don't have pride in what they do. One should want to be the best at whatever their given trade is. I think they are slackers who make others pick up whatever they don't handle. And lastly, I think they are lazy...just trying to get by without getting fired!
  • Lots of people now days feel that the minimum published or assigned duties are also the maxium. Caused by everyone being uptight about documentation and specifications. I wonder if they would fly with minimum qualified piolets, ride with minimum qualified bus drivers, etc. if they were aware that these people just do the minimum and really aren't focused on the job.
  • I've been that person before; when I was working jobs that were not right for me. I think it's fair to give the person a chance to decide for themselves if they are capable or not. Giving up any kind of work can be a painful decision to make, even if it's a job you hate, because you're admitting your limitations. If it's been going on for a long time and actually causing problems for the business and everyone else involved, then they should be given some sort of discipline.
  • I find them annoying. It is hard to say they are not "pulling their weight" because they are doing their job. I think they should be the ones that recieve no raises. I have had coworkers that spent more time trying to figure out what the bare minimum was than actually working. GRRRR!
  • damned little
  • i'm just puttin' in my time. what's it to ya?
  • I ignore em. I just go about my business and do my job. If I start to worry and bitch about my co worker who barely does anything I will end up not getting anything of my own accomplished.
  • oh you mean like me?
  • I feel sorry fo them, and at the same time grateful to them. Slackers don't go very far in life, but they do give you the opportunity to show your own value and serve to secure your job by giving you more responsibility and worth. Becoming angry and bitter toward them is pointless. What comes around, goes around!
  • They are like slugs, I could not stand to do the minumum each day, I'd be bored. I think people like that are lazy, and make it harder for their co-workers.
  • I sure as hell don't. I like to show that I'm putting 110% into my work. It's a competitive world out there. Their slack is my gain.
  • not much...I'm too busy focusing on my own job and work...
  • I'd find that acceptable considering I have co-workers who not only do the bare minimum, but the bare minimum they do is usually incorrect. What's more, management KNOWS about this, but (being the Federal Government) it's easier to overwork more responsible employees than to make these slugs earn their paycheck.
  • Well, its pathetic. But who cares as long as it has nothing to do with you? If it affects you then you should talk to someone above.
  • I think they are slackers and if the company is willing to pay them a competitive wage, they ought to be willing to pay hard workers considerably more.
  • Oh it annoys me so much especially when they say ah im working so hard in here today ( like did someone forget to tell them that going to make tea all day is not work ) lol
  • You're always going to have those...managers and supervisors don't like them but put up with them for various reasons. Senior management is highly aware of these type of employees and they range from 5-15% of the actual workforce across the national average industry. They basically are pay check collectors - that's all. Unless you're a supervisor you will just have to indulge in their insignificant existence in the work place. If you're a supervisor than your job can turn into daily adult supervision activities like giving them specific things to do, assign certain timelines, and putting it all in writing. If you want to pursue canning this person, it can be done but you have to verify the employee received adequate training to do the job, was counseled in writing for their deficiencies or late reports, and record all the bad performances on their evaluations. If you don't dot the i's and cross the t's, you will risk a major grievance and possible harassment lawsuit. So that is why most supervisors put up with it. I prefer the challenge to weed these oxygen thieves out of the workplace if it's worth my time and effort. Make's it a better place for the rest. But of course, don't ever discriminate against minorities or the disabled or use these factors in weighing your observations.
  • They should get paid the barest minimum.

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