• I think he did. He keeps saying "they" want you to think this and that. He nor his people have shown us who "they" are. If he has proof that some Republican of any stature has used those phrases, then it'd be all over every newspaper in America. People would be calling for that guy's head. It's funny. Most Democrats use the West Virginia primary as an example where voters said they wouldn't vote for a black man. The details the media and the news-spinners leave off is that they were interviewing people who voted in the DEMO-FREAKING-CRATIC PRIMARY!! It's the people that traditionally vote democrat that said that crap. As far as his skin color goes, Republicans think like Dennis Miller. To paraphrase, "Why dislike someone for the color of their skin when there are so many other, legitimate reasons to dislike them."
  • Yes, I think he did. He is younger than a lot of the faces, but they don't really look old.
  • I don't know much about any of this, butt I would LIKE to think that him saying this would be motivational fodder to vote for him through distancing himself in a way that puts him in a more convicting light as far as the welfare of the States is concerned. But, the media plays a great part in it and him being black can't possibly be escaped as a factor to these events. If he's catering to the media and the idea that such things as presenditial elections often have seemingly ulterior talk show like motives and press ruffling, he's quite intelligent and witty indeed, but that could also be dangerous, right?
  • I haven`t been getting much news on all of this, the porta loos on graveyards or whatever. I don`t know much about this story either, but Obama has been playing the race card since day one. When it suits him anyways.
  • I'm not sure of the answer, I just wanted to give you +5
  • Of course he did. And he thought we weren't smart enough to notice.
  • Not completly. Being a canidate of color in a race (and the first sucessfulk one at that() its going to come up...whether its meant that wya or not. I dont feel like its a big deal, the presidental race has gone so far now that his race isnt even as important as it was in the begining. If thats what he was going for (using the race card to win votes) I dont think he's going to win anymore b y saying "I'm like you!". Anyway, I think he was making a joke referring to his race, nothing too politician-y/sneaky.
  • Yes he did, I think thats all he's got. "Im black Im different-let's prove were ready for change and elect a black man". If he were white and had the same (lack of) experience and racist veiws he wouldnt be anywhere near this race-and he knows it.
  • But it is true. All the faces on US money is White. That is a fact. It is also a fact that if elected he will be the first black US president..Hillary could of said the same thing. That's not playing the race card..That is being truthful. Whatever it is the democratic Party made History..They had the first women run for president..there has been other black men that have run for the Presidency..Jesse Jackson:):)
  • Sure... Did god play the race card when he made McCain white? just a question...
  • I'm sure that all the non-white people in this country would not think so. I certainly don't think so. Just what in the hell is 'the race card' anyway? It’s the big, fat elephant in the room whenever a Black person is accused of anything.

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