• There is a segment of society that, at the moment, subscribes to the idea that exposure of undergarments above the trouser's waistline is fashionable. Maybe she is attempting to be fashionable with that crowd.
  • Thongs are not comfortable. She might be tired of trying to impress you. Why not try a middle ground with like bikini briefs or something else that's comfortable but still way more sexy than granny panties. You could get some for her for the next special occasion. Maybe pair it up with like some bubble bath or something and a sexy top so as not to call attention to it and make it awkward.
  • She probably wear them because they're comfortable! However, nowadays you don't have to sacrifice comfort for sexiness! If you know her size, maybe you could get her some nice lacy shorts, or something?
  • The reason is COMFORT There is nothing more irritating (yeah there is but that is an entirely different subject) than digging your thongs out of your crack.
  • buy her some undies you like . sure she will wear them . my b/f bought me some and i love wearing what he bought me . he has bought me some more since too
  • Yeah, how much weight has she put on since the skimpy sexy undies days?
  • I know some grannies that wear these.
  • I dare you to ask your wife this question.
  • I dunno??? Maybe somebody gave her some old parachutes and she didn't want to just throw them away??? :?
  • she might be gaining weight, and her other panties dont fit anymore. i would surprise her and tell her you "...want to take her sexy ass to Victoria's secret or Calvin Klein!" if it was me, i would think it was totally sweet. And, you can watch her try them on in the dressing room :-)
  • Maybe they're comfortable.
  • I am sure she has a reason, why don't you try asking her.
  • She probably thinks they're more comfortable.
  • maybe you need to ask your wife that question

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