• No, it would be very bad. Unless you want to be a robot and work in an all-machine environment. Emotions are an essential quality of humanness. Children who are abused badly actually can do this "detachment" quite well -- its a survival strategy in a threatening environment. The child lacks "normal affect" and responds in very un-human ways to others. Often this kind of damage, especially in early childhood, cannot be undone.
  • In a sense we do. For example if one was going thru an assault or some kind of trauma, even the death of a loved one, nature provides us with defense mechanisms, to sort of detach ourselves, or otherwise we could lose our minds, at certain moments (or it feels that way). But in every day life, emotions are what makes us human.
  • No. Your emotions can be sorta like warning bells. If you had no emotion and thought through everything logically, there's no longer any such thing as imagination, intuition, or moral sense. Emotions are the very basis of the human mind.
  • no because by detaching all will cure the heart ache, it might dry your tears but it will also destroy the thing that makes us human..feelings, flaws, its what makes us what we are! you cant have happiness then turn off sadness, just like you cant have good without bad, it just messes everything up if you try!
  • Yes, as long as you can plug it back in again.
  • There are people who can do that. They are called Sociopaths. And no, it's not a cool superpower.
  • Okay dreadfully dreary doorbell, I doubt you could turn into something as useful as a teapot. Do you find yourself in a lot of hot water? It's my feeling that you just like to push everyone's buttons and get them all in a lather about stuff, I find you to be oddly intriguing from a distance but I would never want to work in the cubicle near you. Detach emotion.... hmmm.. I could become like a machine and be totally void of any feelings. Nope, sorry no interest.
  • Have the emotion! Just don't let the emotion have you. One of the many gifts of enlightenment is to remain conscious in the presence of emotion; especially strong emotion. To strive for unconsciousness or detachment in response to having emotions is to de-evolve.
  • Would it be a Good Thing for the Human Condition to be able to detach emotion whenever they wanted to? Hummm, would that be the same Human Condition that allows a Judge here recently to allow a man that raped a 9 year old girl off on probation? maybe it's the one that can easily pass a poor person and yell at them, Get a Job ya bum, when one has no idea of that persons journey. I guess one might mean good where some with detached emotions can walk into a school and just start killing for the heck of it, or maybe to crash plains into some buildings where innocent people are killed, one's with emotions who might have been full of joy because they were going to have a child, or one might have been promoted, one that came to be filled with every emotion felt by us as we watched them go down that day. Detachment leads to indifference, and uncaring, and a who cares attitude, or the killing of 6 million Jews, or 20 million Russians, or millions of Cambodians, as well as Iraqis. Why don't you tell me what you think, as I already know the answer,it is given to us on a daily basis.....Peace!
  • Well, it WOULD be good to be able to turn off your fear. In fact a lot of police and military training is precisely that--learning to react to situations and convey information about them without having to deal with the disruptive loss of physical control that fear brings to things like your aim.
  • We would stop being vulnerable and our vulnerability is a big part of what makes us human. We would lose the adventure, wonder, and joy as well as the pain. so much of life is surprise. If I am in control of everything, I will never be surprised. I can manage my emotions and my responses to them, but I must remail vulnerable. Just my view.
  • We are not Spock. We are us. The quintessential "I" is undefined by the idealistic, but encompasses the emotional in it's entirity. The removal, in any wise, of such base, instinctual biasies removes as well the "I" from us. Emotional death, while safe, is empty. If one truly desires a lassitude in feeling, that one should A) GET HELP, B)LAUGH. At anything. Remember, thou people, why thou doest laugh, why thou doest love, and through these, why thou doest live.
  • I think that it heavily depends on the situation you want to detach from. Like I know a lot of girls get way to emotionally attached to guys they hardly know just because of a kiss or something like that; I don't think that is healthy to become so emotional over something so small. I think those moments it would be nice to be able to not get so emotional and so attached to a guy like girls so often do. Guys have this ability to not become emotional over a girl (typically) and by doing that they don't get hurt as much as girls. I think that girls should be able to do this "emotional detaching" with guys too. I know it has helped me to be able to not become so emotionally attached or just attached to a guy so quickly. And that doesn't mean I just never attach but it just takes me longer than other girls. This is long and I don't even know if it answers the question, it was just on my mind. Sorry if it seems out of place. :)
  • No. Just as being able to "detach" pain whenever you wanted to would not be a good thing. Pain and emotions are the bodies way of telling you something is wrong and you should fix it.

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