• First thing to try. You have answered your own question. Mr. Bill
  • Maybe, maybe not! I have the same machine & what U have told us means nothing! WHAT STOPS WORKING??? Does the "Blower" not "Blow", have U lost the "Blower Speeds??? Does in "Blow" hot air??? Mine quit due to a bogus "Resistor Card" behind the "Glove Box" screwed into the "Blower Shroud". These "Cards" are piss poorly made be "Deposition Process" which puts "Metal Traces" on the "Ceramic Card" to which they "Silver Solder" the "Ni-Chrome Wire Resistors". These "Open Up" after a while & no longer make contact so U lose the "Blower Speeds". I simply put new wire down & it works fine. Un-fortunatly, this is a "Dealer Only Item" as of 3 months ago & they want a Pile of $$$ for them!!! That's why I repaired mine. U are about the 5th. person posting for this problem here, sorry. John

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