• I lost $85 once on a grocery store floor. I thought the guys in line were staring at my legs but they were actually staring at the money I dropped. Didn't know that until I got home. That bothered me for years. But I have found money. The most I have found was a $20 bill laying in a parking lot. The last amount I found was a $5 bill on a sidewalk. Haven't found the bag of millions yet. Still waiting on that, and no, If I do find it and it doesn't have red ink on it or appear to be marked money, I'm keeping it too. Interesting question though.
  • Yes. Nothing significant. Just enough to buy candy.
  • £310-00 in a wallet. Phoned the contact in the wallet to come and pick it up and duly returned it.
  • I find the dollar here and there.. a few years ago I saw a guy drop a 50 as he got in a cab... I went to get it but the cab took off.. I sure hope it wasnt his cab fare!!
  • I frequently find money. Parking lots are good places to look. Some people carry loose change in their pockets and getting in and out of cars sometimes shakes a few coins loose. Also after winter snow melts where it had been plowed into piles can be another good place, or in check-out areas of stores, vending machines, etc. - wherever money is changing hands, The most I ever remember finding was a $10 bill in a pharmacy. i hoped it wasn't money that some senior citizen needed to get medicine. But if you yell out, "Who lost $10?" a dozen people will come running over. How can you tell who lost it? I also found a Mercury dime from 1940 about 6 months ago in a parking lot and a Kennedy half-dollar in a grocery store check-out aisle.
  • Yes I once found £50 at the time in the park where i use to live ! :)
  • A wet $20 bill on the floor on New Year's Eve. I stood near where I found it for a few minutes to see if anyone was looking for it. No one was, so I kept it.
  • 9-19-2017 I used to ride a bike to work and I would stop and pick money lying in the street. Mostly pennies and dimes, occasionally a dollar. Once I found a gold necklace with a broken clasp. I eventually sold it for 150 bux.
  • 5 $100 bills in a bible. Perhaps i should open it more often

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