• my sister had three 5 in. pins in her heel, if that's the kind of thing your talking about. it was done for a good reason.
  • I haven't, but a close friend of mine broke his leg playing soccer and he got a rod and some screws in his leg. After his leg healed the doctors were supposed to remove the screws, but the bones in his leg grew over the screws and reinforced his leg even more. I would say he doesn't regret it now because his leg is thicker and stronger than if he hadn't gotten the rod.
  • I have 2 steel plates, and about 20 screws in my lower right leg. Even with this surgery, it was 8 months before I could return to work. I have no limitations on the job, I can still lift, carry, work on roofs, etc. I sometimes notice a slight ache as the weather gets cool and damp, but nothing severe. My leg never would have healed without the steel plates, and I would have been limited in my mobility for the rest of my life. I can learn to live with a little achiness from time to time for normal usage of my leg.
  • I had pins and rods in my left knee after a motorcycle accident, when I tore both ligaments. I am thrilled I had it done, I couldnt walk and the pain was excrutiating..
  • I broke both of my ankles several years ago. I had two plates, about 20 pins and screws and three cadaver bones put in. Do I regret it? hell no, I can walk because of my amazing doctors and hospital staff.

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