• No. It would need a complex algorithm, because not everyone who is the "same age" will start school in the same year i.e., my son will be five and start kindergarten this fall, but his cousin will be five and miss the "cut-off" date by 2 weeks and not start until next fall, so he will graduate from high school one year later than my son. Try looking on the website for your school district.
  • Hmm. Good point. I guess I was hoping there'd be some type of calculator out there with blanks for 3 or 4 variables like age, current yr, current grade and then out would come the age of whatever year you were asking for (hi school, college). You know, like those fancy mortgage calculators, where you can put a whole bunch of variables into it and it will calculate and amortize all sorts of information? Oh well. Let's see if someone is up to the challenge of finding one on the web, or better yet, inventing one of his own!
  • No because there's always the possibility of a failure
  • Depends on your finances, your credits, your degree goal: Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate.

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