• According to Cecil Adams at the Straight Dope ( yes, they will test you positive for opiates, if you eat a few. Poppyflowers are what you make the drug opium from, as well as how you get the seeds, so the seeds have faint trace amounts of morphine and opium, enough that if you eat a couple poppyseed buns, bagels, or cupcakes (at my work we even have poppyseed cakes) you would fail it. If you get a false positive you are 87% likely to get it cleared upon retest. If, however, they do not give you a retest and you do not get a job you would otherwise have gotten (as in you were already hired but they fired you on the test results) or you are fired from a job you already have, get a lawyer, because they need to retest you to make sure it wasn't poppyseeds. If this is the case this site: should help you. And make sure to know: no matter how much they try to tell you so, a lab can NOT tell a false positive from a real positive, so retesting IS necessary.
  • Yes most definitely. Forget everything else I wrote here (I take it there is no option for delete?)
  • you have to eat quiet a few poppyseeds to fail a drug test. i'm a heroin in addict, and i'm in rehab. they told me 2 of the big poppyseed muffins will do it.
  • i dont think so becuase it just doesnt seem like there is enough poppeyseeds in the bagel to really do a dramatic difference, but if you know your going to get tested, i would steer clear.
  • if you are being serious, you are an idiot.
  • Yes, they can. They proved it on Mythbusters, among other places. A single bagel can make you fail. They should retest you. In contrast to zeds, who doesn't know what he's talking about... The compounds that the body produces from opiates are the result of processes affecting compounds found in the seeds, as well as in processed heroin. The compounds are found in all parts of the plant. The problem was discovered a while ago, and so most clinics that conduct the test use newer tests that are more sensitive, and less likely to give false positives for opiates. Still, there are some out there... If they've now sent your test on to a lab for independent confirmation, they should be able to tell that you've only been eating it, not injecting/smoking it.

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