• Not to my knowledge. No food shrinks your stomach I would imagine. It may be that vecause of it's insanely high water contect (~98%) and the fact that it is plant vegetationa nd therefore takes a fair amount of energy to break down that it fills your stomach (i.e. tif you have enough it feels like you have eaten a decent portion) without a big calorific value and so you lose weight because you eat less other stuff with more calories. But in terms of shrinking your stomach, not in humans.
  • actually ive heard that lettuce expands in your stomach...doing the exact opposite...causing your stomach to expand would make one want to eat more
  • Lettuce actually expands your stomach. A lot of professional eaters that enter contests eat a lot of lettuce the day before to expand it so they can eat more. As far as making you gain weight, no. It is made up of mostly water and no nutritional value.

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