• Every once in a while, one of my answers gets a bad rating. It is so frightening when that happens! Makes my heart skip a beat!
  • If a virus attacks the answerbag website and we are all stuck without entertainment.
  • Oh wow, I was thinking of scams or soliticing minors or something like that. I am just too dadgum serious sometimes.
  • I think the scariest thing that could happen here is for someone to take advice from the site and apply it in their lives. An example; A debate arose in the first aid category. One user, a Search and Rescue Technician and another, an Ambulance Attendant, disagreed on the use of salt in treating heat cramps. The SARTech recommended using a rehydration drink of 4l (1gallon) of water, 2tsp sodium chloride, 2tsp sodium bicarbonate, and 12tbsp of sugar. The Paramedic recommended using water. The SARtech rated the PMs answer down because pure water would further reduce electrolyte levels and increase cramping, worsening the patients condition. In retaliation the PM rated down all of the others answers in the category, and submitted several more answers where they inserted that advice into closely related questions in an attempt to validate their point through repetition, rather than debate. The Paramedics ratings amounted to a strawman attack, saying the advice would injure a patient because high concentrations of salt and salt tablets could cause nausea and vomiting, which would increase dehydration. But, the SARTech had never recommended "high" concentrations, or tablets, but the worldwide accepted mixture of salt and water which is readily palatable and contains the essential electrolytes at the correct levels to balance the bodies chemistry and prevent cramping. After quoting many reputable sources and humiliating the position of the PM the PM withdrew his ratings, and peace was restored, but what if someone had come looking for advice during that debacle? Good advice was thrown down to the bottom of the pile and labeled as junk because of someones ego. So there you have it, you have experts who lend the site credibilty with well researched and thought out answers, conscientiously submitted for the benefit of all, and right in the middle of all the good advice could be some crap that sounds reasonable, has the highest rankings in the field, person has a good rating and everything, but their advice could make you sick. Submitted with the best intentions, of course, and all the while perhaps believing it's good advice. And it's coming from a well trained professional. It is not without reason that AB has a disclaimer limiting their liability; "Important: Answerbag cannot guarantee the accuracy of answers submitted by members, and we recommend that you use common sense when following any advice found here" If you want to see some really interesting differences of opinion on medical treatments, check out hydrogen peroxide.
  • I never saw anything scary on here. But one time there was a very strange question by someone who was obviously young and illiterate. I went to correct their spelling errors, and ended up making two spelling mistakes myself LOL
  • If your id got deleted. Or maybe hacked. IF you said something, and Joel or someone saw it, he could delete it. All your hard work gone. Oh dear... I can't think about it anymore!
  • Identity theft leading to the exposure of who it was who asked some of the more 'personal' questions?
  • Having the website go down for a whole day.
  • stc123
  • Trolls eating bacon! HAHAHA!!
  • All the features on here functioning as they should. lol
  • a server crash and all the q&a accumulated over the years were lost
  • Pirate takeover. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • ...Richard Simmons.
  • if we all farted at exactly the same time
  • The owners could decide one day that this experiment wasn't going to be profitable and shut down the whole thing, and all of our humanitarian work would be gone in a blink. Then, if not for websites like the WAY BACK MACHINE ( no one could even prove that it ever existed.
  • That we have to pay to access it. =(

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