• Marmite on toast.
    • Linda Joy
      nope, guess again
    • Lilo Avli
      Cheese on toast.
    • Linda Joy
      No, guess again.
    • Lilo Avli
      Their finger nails.
  • Hamburgers. when I traveled a lot I generally at a hamburger more than anything else. What else can you name that has fruit, veggies, meat, and bread in one neat little bundle you can hold in one hand while eating it?
    • Linda Joy
      No, and the answer to your question could be any type of sandwich, burrito, pita pocket, etc. I like your answer though!
  • Fast food, burgers specifically, what else is there to eat, its fast, simple, easy and good.
    • Linda Joy
      Surprisingly that's not the answer! Guess again!
  • have no idea
  • And the answer is... beef jerky!
    • Army Veteran
      I thought about that but decided against it. I don't think it's consumed by men as much as the sales figures suggest. A lot of drivers on the road bring their dogs along - and dogs love beef jerky. My answer was based on my own eating habits.
    • Thinker
      Not for me! I have never liked the taste of jerky and don't eat it. I stick with hamburgers.
    • Linda Joy
      It was a survey, but thank you two so much for your encouragement!
  • hannburgers
  • *deleted* just caught the answer.
  • I've got over a million miles under my belt, and I seem to recall that the thing I most often gravitated to as a snack on the road was potato chips.

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