• Errr, no. That isn't going to happen. The better solution is for people to debate intelligently and not emotionally. That is also not going to happen. . .not all the time anyway. If there is an issue, you contact a CL. I beat you to it though seeing as how I am one.
  • nooo. i like the comments. sometimes people can be mean, but i think that's going to happen no matter what.
  • No, I like the comments feature. And no, I don't think there is a lot of bullying going on here...there are however, people that come along every so often and go around instigating arguments by using the comments box...but, they often end up penalized for it.
  • No and No. The comments are a great part of AB as far as bullying is concerned some people may be spiteful but just unsubscribe and avoid them . If they continue to harass you report them to Rich on Feedback.
  • No way!! The comments are way cool and i don't think there's much cyber bullying going on at AB :)
  • Absolutely NO! I wish people would use it more, instead of just DRing.
  • No. No. I know that very few users spoil the fun for others by appearing under their answers just to get the goat of those users. But removing that feature would be unfair for those who use the comment threads to have fun, or to clarify things.
  • No. That is the fun part. You get the odd A..hole but generally everyone is good. I would not find AB interesting at all without it.
  • No. People who are going to bully would just bully back and forth in answers if they get rid of comments and it would flood the answers to the point of maybe one percent being relevant to the original question.
  • Well, comments are actually one of my favorite things here, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. You can't get rid of them just because some people are mean....'sides, "cyber-bullying" is not really that bad here in comparison to other places. Well, at least it's not as obvious.
  • Not at all. I can go months and never see any bullying going on at all and I comment constantly. IT's one of the things that makes AB so special, that, the use of videos and graphics for answers and the no deletion or expiration date on questions. These things are what set AB apart and make it more like a community that is vibrant and alive.
  • No. I quite enjoy the interaction I can have with the asker/answerer in the comments section. Yes, when I was relatively new here I did face a bit of a problem in the comments thread from a pretty senior user but I politely stood up for myself and she backed off. If it becomes too much you can always unsubscribe from comments on that particular thread.
  • No. As much as I hate trolls, and I have been bullied by a few, I think it's an important lesson to learn. It can help in the real world, I think, to practice with the trolls on AB that can't actually hurt you. It's a window into their sad lives.
  • Well, cyber bullies also write nasty questions and reply with horridly mean answers. Should we just can the bag altogether? That's just the thing. You don't cater to a bully. You don't modify your behavior to accommodate someone who is mean-spirited. You ignore it and except that not everyone in the world understands that a healthy life is built on respecting others (and yourself, for that matter). I know this question is meant to provoke some thought, and it is interesting. But wow, the thought of such a thing makes me shudder!
  • No. That is like saying recess should be canceled in elementary schools. Comment threads are the only real place users have to interact with each other. I think the amount of cyber bullying that occurs in comment threads is minimal compared to the friendly conversations.
  • No!! i love the comments, why punish all of us for what a few are doing. figure out a way to stop the bullies dont remove the comments from the good ABers.:-)+
  • No. The comment feature is terrific. If you are having issues with offensive comments, you can notify CL's or the site admins. Better yet, just use the unsubscribe feature.
  • No. The comment feature allows questioners (or others) to ask the answerer questions about their answer, and get explanations. It's used for other things - mostly conversations. Cyber-bullying here? I've seen some, but the CLs and staff can usually take care of that, if they hear about it. (See my profile for a list of the CLs, and ways to contact them - In the AB section.) Even so, I've not seen a LOT of it. That may, of course, depend on the categories involved. Of course, if you're talking about DRing, that isn't really cyber-bullying. It can be a PART of it, but simply DRing someone's questions and answers does not make someone a bully... What most here define as a TROLL, maybe, but not a bully. Some people take these DRs so seriously, they are so emotional about them, that they can't take it, and leave, at least for a while. And you CANNOT know WHO DRed you, unless they tell you. Even if you suspect and their "+ratings given" is low, they may not be THE one(s) who DRed you. Even if they get on you in the comment threads (THIS is more bullying than the DRs), it doesn't mean they DRed you. Only the staff can see who did it, and only the staff can really do anything about it, other than your being positrolled, which many long-time users will do - THEY all hate DRers, too. No... The comment feature should NOT be stopped. Maybe a link for the on-duty CLs would be in order (easier access), but nothing more.

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