• My son is 2 months old and he also has a crooked butt crack. Did you ever get any information on your baby? My Dr. is a bit concerned and is sending us for a ultrasound next week. I am hoping that this is just a birth mark of some kind. Please provide me with any information you found about your baby's crooked crack. Thanks.
  • I was reading today about ear infections and came across something for chiropractics for infants. It was talking about how it can help to prevent and help heal them. Well, some one posted a comment and said it really helped, and it also straitened out her child's booty crack. Personaly I think having a child go to a place like that is bizzaar, but if it works, I guess it works. Thought you might like to know.
  • I have never known anybody else that has this "condition" lol... I am actually a 30 yr old woman, and I was born w/the same thing. absolutley nothing was ever found wrong w/me, just slightly "angled" at the end.. thats it.. of course always embarrassed by it, got the teasing from boyfriends... etc, but i cant believe anyone else had it, i thought i was the ONLY one. if you find out any good info from the doctor, please post.. thanks.
  • We've also noticed a crooked butt crack on our 6-week old baby girl. We're going for an US on Thursday. Has anyone else gotten any advice from their doctors on this? I'm a little nervous to hear what they say.
  • Assuming there's no underlying skeletal misalignment, which I assume your pediatrician is watching for, this will probably be just one of those goofy variations which make the human body so interesting, and which our Maker allows to keep us humble.
  • My daughter is 2 years and 3 months old and has a crooked butt crack as well. I asked our pediatrician about it over a year ago so he examined her. He felt to see if there was a hole in her bone structure/spine but didn't find one. He informed us that as long as there isn't a hole there, he wasn't too concerned. We have continued to watch it and she is developing perfectly normal and is a very active little girl. I have actually noticed recently that as she's growing taller it has straightened out a bit.
  • I was just made aware of my 2 week old son's crooked butt crack at his first doctor's appointment the other day. The doctor called it something (but I can't remember the name she used) and told me not to worry about it. I was wondering if anyone found out anymore information about it. I'll have to be sure to ask at his next appt. in 2 weeks.
  • My daughter is 2 years old and has had problems with potty training accidents and blood in her urine. We went to Riley Hospital for Children today 6/6/07 and the urologist there said the cause could be from a fat deposit at the base of her spinal cord that pushes the butt crack to the side. The fat deposit is causing a push on her bladder which then gets in the way of her bowel movements and causes them to be painful. He said only 4 in 1,000 cases were serious. We're trying some techniques of completely emptying your bladder and stool softeners and he will check her urine again in a month. Hope this helps someone. I had never heard anything like it in my life!
  • I just noticed today that my 4-1/2 month old daughter has this I was extremely concerned when noticing it. I just don't know why I didn't see it sooner. She has had a few painful bm's recently. I just hope its nothing to worry about.
  • My daughter was born premature at 3 lbs 9 oz with this same condition. She is now 3, completely potty trained, active, healthy, and still tiny. We asked the nurse when she was born and she said the crookedness was fairly common, just not talked about. Hope this helps those with younger children to know that they can develope just fine. However, I would like to know if anyone knows of cosmetic surgery to fix this for when they get older so they don't get teased later in life.
  • My 20-month old also has a crooked butt crack which my doctor pointed out to me. He says it could be a sign of a teathered spinal cord and wants him to go for an MRI. It's important to catch this early in age and have surgery to correct it because it is usually not detected until adulthood which at that point it gets very serious but if you correct it early it could not cause any problems when they are an adult.
  • I noticed early on that my daughter, now 5 1/2 months, had the same thing although hers is accompanied by a dimple in her crack. If her first doctor would have acknowledged it before 3 months, they could have done an US, but now as she is too old, she has to do an MRI. The new doctor has said it may be a tethered spinal chord, Spina Bifida, or just a quirk. We are currently waiting her appointment and hoping for the best.
  • Hmmmm this is kinda hard to believe. How old is your Daughter? You shouldnt be that worried about it but if you are then you should talk to your doctor and see what they say
  • My daughter has the dimple in her crack (almost 4, been there since birth) but is not crooked. It looks like a second rectum it's really weird, doctor says it's just a dimple/
  • I have the same thing! I can't believe others have it too! I don't have any problems as far as physical health. You probably don't have to worry.
  • Has anyone ever found anything out about this? My son (15 months) has a "crooked crack" and a slight dimple at the top, but his pediatrician says it's nothing to worry about. It does kind of worry me though!
  • hi im 16 and i have a crooked crack as well.i went to all sorts of pedriatrians and im healthy as an actually quite mortified that i have one, but im totally fine. the only difference i have from my friends, is that i dont moon people. and im glad i read this..hahah i also that i had a weird mutated booty as well.
  • I was born with the same thing, my Crack, so to speak, vears off to the right, like a seriouly hard angled turn, I acutally have a curve of the lower spine which makes my tail bone vear to the left. Avoided surgery my whole life and my body has compenstated for the problem. I am happy to read that other people have crooked cracks and have had no other problems with them other than embarrasment, I pray that is all you'll have to deal with. I assume if there is no bone malformant at this point, that wouldn't be the problem, because mine was apparent at birth. Good luck!! And from what I read your baby is absolutly fine, just felt the need to give you all sides of the issue.
  • Take a peek inside....Is there a grassy knoll and a bubbling brook? Nature doesn't create all things in a straight line, bro.
  • I have no answer for you. I guess I come from a family of 'straight butt crack people'.

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