• Great city!! Wonderful history, culture, museums, theatre, shopping, good base for day trips, no worry about a language barrier, good airfare/hotel deals. Only the weak dollar has been a deterrent from me coming back again!!;)
  • Every city has its plusses and minuses but large and old cities like London offer more positive experiences than others through: culture history easy access city centers making it easy to walk icons that have survived the ages international flavors in cafes
  • Beats me.
  • Did you miss British history in school, books, movies, and TV?! Everywhere you look is amazing history or the estate where Downton Abbey was filmed. Not to mention Stonehenge, Tower of London, the British Museum, the Cotswolds, the Eden Project, the changing of the guard at the palace and maybe see the queen.
  • To get massively fleeced of their hard-earned cash !!
  • cause they like london

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