• Sure, if each visit last for months.
  • It did for 2 of my friends and their S/O's. Eventually, in both relationships they live together now.
  • Maybe for the first year.
  • it depends on the person and how important the relationship is. there is usmail, and internet email. and telephone and other ways to keep a relationship warm.
  • Yes, but the communication and trust has to be strong while the two arent together. That invovles alot of emotional investment and time, but it's been done. A good way to feel as if youre close but far is getting some sort of web-chat, it'll help make the two feel "closer" (changes dynamics a bit when you can look at eachother, even if its through a screen).
  • It can, if you remain in contact, at LEAST every other day or so. But you have to trust each other, make the best of the time you DO have together, The conversation is the important thing here. Quality, not quantity. Spend time talking about what's going on, but don't complain about anything the other COULD have done or be doing, when they are miles away, and can't. That induces guilt and frustration. They have to be enjoyable. Write emails and send pictures back and forth. The internet has made LD relationships a bit easier, but also a bit harder, as while you can see each other, if you really love each other, you want to hold them, but can't. Send LETTERS - I mean real SNAIL-mail letters and packages with gifts or remembrances back and forth. LD relationships CAN work. Only two times a year will be tough, but anything is doable, if both are willing to be without the other for so long. Good luck. ;-)
  • i was in a very hard long distance relationship. i live in mexico and my bf lived in italy. on my side, things were perfect, i was madly in love... but on the other side, there was cheating, lies, drugs, alcohol..... HELL..... he hid it very well from me for 8 months.. comunication was amazing, we met in italy and he came to visit me in mexico, there was not a moment of doubt in my mind about his love for me... it was him who eventually broke things off and then i began investigating and that is how i found out about all the lies. i dont want to scare you but i do advise you to have your feet on the ground and your head on your shoulders. the guy i dated was really something and it doesnt make other guys the same, but i have learned that people may decieve us when we least expect it. i spent 3 months in italy with him and i thought i knew him very well. to my surprise i learned more after we broke up than in my entire relationship. remember love is blind and this is something we have to fight constantly to ensure the best for ourselves...
  • yes it can certainly last if both of you are loyal to each other and are in touch with each other every now and then.. I am a living example of a long lasting distance relationship.. we get to see each other just one a year.. perseverance, devotion commitment and conviction is all that a long distance relationship requires..
  • I had a long distance relationship, it was my first real relationship, he was my first, my only one, the love of my life, and he broke my heart in a million pieces just two weeks before seeing eachother again... it was horrible, in the beginning i really trusted him, but now, 3 months after the breakup, knowing a lot more about him and what he actually did to me (i found out from other sources) i feel like i started a relationship with one person and a totally different one broke up with me. i was really happy but i lost many friends as i always tried to be home to talk to him and i went out a lot less.. when he broke up with me i felt like i had nothing left... i would not recomend it for the sake of your heart... it may last for a while but the thing is, it never gets easier... it gets harder and harder as the days go by... best of luck!
  • It depends on how strong you both feel for each other. Relationships can last for a lifetime at any distance if it's strong enough.
  • I can only see mine once a year. Plane tickets across the ocean aren't cheap. :P We're making it work. So, yeah it can. :) xx
  • yes if u love each other enough it can work if u really want it 2.
  • Yes it can!! i got 1!!! i see each other 1 or 2 times a year!!! but we keep in contact by phone
  • i don't know even if you could spend a whole month with them each time that is still 10 months without them. Hard to imagine a fulfilling relationship there.
  • Yes. I've been dating my boyfriend since April of 2002. We only got to see each other ONCE a year for a long time because we were in high school. You both have to want it. Communication is the key. Forget physicality.
  • It depends on a number of factors. First, do you keep in regular contact via phone or the internet? Second, are you an independent person who likes a lot of space? If so, then it could work. But if you are presence sensitive, and you feel really depressed when your lover isn't there to comfort you, then an LDR is not for you. At some point, if you are truly committed to each other, then one person should agree to move to be closer to the other.
  • in todays society? too much out there!! but yes, it can, and has and does....think of the military men and women, as one endures ,if its really love...:0justme
  • Yes, but you need to trust each other and be ready to work through fights and misunderstandings that the distance is bound to cause. It's best if you talk on the phone as much as your can or instant message and write. Stay in contact so you continue to grow together through the times that you're apart.
  • I've known a man since Dec. of '07. We've talked EVERY single night since. Just last month, I met him for the first time. We plan on continuing our routine. I go back there in Dec. for Christmas. Things are looking great and I do love him, and I know he loves me. So I do think they can last. Its almost been two years for me.
  • I am dating a guy now who lives in chicago and i live in florida we really have not really gotten in to the whole relationship thing yet but i really like him so far but at the same time im afraid to fully give myself to him because of our distance i just dont want to be a fool but at the same time i am willing to visit him and even one day maybe even move where he lives.
  • if god is in it!
  • Relationships last not because you see each other very often but because you invest yourself into building firm relationships. Distance isn't a hindrance for real love. If you devote yourself to another person you will keep your relationships in fire even on distance.

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