• On here, ignore them and click unsubscribe. In real life, just stop the conversation with them and walk away.
  • hold up the mirror. by informing them of their rude behavior, you are subtly teaching them how not to be. i would do it calmly with a straight face. it needs to make an impact - be brutally honest. it works like a charm with a lot of people because its not the response they usually expect and it catches them off guard. by not being rude yourself you dont make them defensive, which might make them less open to your message. some people are hellbent on pissing people off ~ they think its funny or theyre angry at life. it wont work on those people (in the short term). but i think it registers.
  • I pretty much treat them like a little kid and let them know that they are being rude. I don't stoop to their level because that just fuels them.
  • Most days I deal with it really well, by simply stating that what they said was rude. If they try to turn it around on me, I tell them again that what they said was rude. If they argue again, I state it once more. If they don't get it by then, they are not worth the effort and I walk away. On AB I simply state it. It is worth mentioning that some days I am not nearly as efficient. I am grouchy!
  • Great question. +5 I try to recognize that people that are rude to others are, essentially, in pain in some way, whether it be emotional, psychological, physical, and in some cases all three.
  • EAsy. If I ask a question on AB (for example) to which I receive a very rude, insulting response..I always say "Thank you for your answer and Happy (whatever day it is)". I received an apology only once...for the most part these people never bother me again. In real life, I feel sorry for the people..I figure they are extremely unhappy..I always ask myself "would you rather be you or that person"? Of course the answer is I'd rather be that always takes the sting of the rudeness away and I simply move on! :)
  • A fire hose.
  • kill them with kindness... walk away
  • I just ignore them.:-)
  • Unsubscribe option is my choice. Or in real life, smile & nod then walk away thinking "Wow, what a jerk!"
  • By being overly nice back to them.
  • the saying goes: kill them with almost every time... :>)
  • Politely ignoring them.
  • You just have to do the best you can to ignore them. Have you ever heard the saying "there's one in every crowd"? They're not going anywhere so we will just have to learn to live with them. My mother always taught me that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. I just smile real nice and use my sweetest Southern accent - probably annoys the daylights out of the offender but it makes me feel better and that's what matters.
  • I recommend violence. Nothing wrong with a good stomping.

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