• download the drivers(better to have the updated ones anyway) from the manufacturer, install those.
  • yeah i have tried but i cant find the right sound card for it
  • first off, your pc cannot possibly delete the sound card. it's just the drivers that have gone AWOL. install drivers from the disc that came with the sound card or
  • this program will help you find more about your system, like possibly who makes the sound card that way you can download right one here is another option: (you will need both parts to use program) NEED TO FIND YOUR DRIVERS? Go this software will find them and update them for you all for free, just click on the red download button (start free download free version) 1.18 MB is the size of file just choose where you would like to save it too. (You may also need this file Microsoft NET Framework 2.0)
  • LOL. Buy a new one. Next time don't "install" the sound card into your paper shredder.
  • Rebooting by itself won't delete a sound card (driver)! Some systems (Microsoft Windows) need frequent reboots (like each time you install or remove any software). You are most likely using Microsoft Windows and for some reason the sound driver has become corrupted. Simply reinstall the driver (available from the manufacturer's site).

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