• well getting married doesn't mean that you are being owned or you own someone.. so in any case the question of waiting to declare who owns who... this is my own opinion.. which may not be applicable to others :)
  • Owning another person, married or not, is no longer acceptable. In the New Testament Bible Jesus Christ removed the OT ownership requirements. Husbands and wives are now made equal in all they do.
    • officegirl
      Yes of course but a lot of people like to say or feel their are "owned". I like to feel and think that I "belong": to my husband though of course he doesn't "own" me. Others sort of feel they do have ownership and this attitude can lead to trouble.
  • You don't have to wait at all. Long as you understand they don't really "own" you as if you are their property.
  • Nobody owns me. Not now, not ever. That's all there is to that, whether I ever get married or not.

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