• I would feel violated but at the same time it would make me second guess everything I send through email.
  • I value privacy, so I'll feel upset. But anyway, I have a rule to never write anything that can not be read by whoever reach for it.
  • Betrayed and upset. I rarely write emails that contain anything I would not say openly but if it had been sent in confidence I would be hurt and upset.
  • Angry, disappointed, sad.
  • Yet another here who would feel betrayed, sad, upset. So many "less" handwritten letters these days and so many "more" private, personal e:mails flying around. But whenever something is "digital", it seems like many people view it differently .. ie .. "public" ... just because it's easy to share (forward, copy, print, post elsewhere, etc). (one click and wham .. it's done). Legalities, ethics or just plain personal courtesy all on the table. I own a private (vs public) yahoogroup. It's exactly the same principle as setting privacy levels at online sites where we put our journals, blogs, photos, family trees, etc. Public vs private. Search engines can pick things up .. or not. AB is an open forum, for ex, but we all know that. But not ok for member of a private forum to forward e:mail posts there (private) out to a public forum. (but I've seen it happen) Whoever writes an e:mail owns the copyright, so we shouldn't be forwarding it on (publishing it) minus permission anyway .. all aside from the personal betrayal side of things .. privacy expectations .. and all the rest. We are now well & duly in "The Information Age". I think we see all around us a whole slew of human interactions to re-define and figure out .. all for this digital landscape we're on now.
  • If there was not request of confidentiality, there was no mention in the forum of who wrote it, if it was IN context or germaine to the forum, AND if it was there unedited except for removal of identifying info, I don't believe I'd have a problem with it. No matter what people think, email is not private. 1) It ALWAYS has the possibility of being forwarded on, and people forget their signatures, which is why we get all these emails attributed to cops telling us about how to protect ourselves, attributed to specific comedians listing jokes they've supposedly told, etc. 2) Your work emails can be checked "for security purposes" 3) Emails are stored on servers between the sender and the receiver, and can be retrieved by those who work there (and police/FBI/CIA/etc., if need be) 4) Etc., etc. etc. I try to write ANY emails I send so there's no mistaking what I mean, though, it seems, there ARE those who just REFUSE to see it. Good question, Doggie. People need to realize that email is NOT as private as they believe it to be.
  • When I first started using the computer, I was startled to find several of my postings in various places turning up on searches. I learned to be very careful what I say.
  • I would be really embarassed for a few days then I would probs get over it because its to late to do anything about unfortunately! :)
  • I would feel very betrayed. What I say in private should remain so until "I" am ready to tell it, not someone else. Very rude and thoughtless!!!
  • It would depend on the confidentiality of the information. If the information was given explicitely or implicitely with confidentiality I would be angry and sad, else it would not be much of a problem normally.
  • How I felt would depend on what I wrote in my email. If I wrote something I should be ashamed of I'd feel ashamed. If I wrote something embarrassing I'd be embarrassed. If I wrote something stupid I'd feel stupid.
  • It's been done, and I was not happy.
  • I had that happen to me several times and no longer speak with any of them. The trust is gone.
  • we don't really know what info is in that. he could have posted it to help others. or it could be something that he needed the opinion of others. the question is did he malign you in any way or at least made an undesirable comment as to what you said? and if so did he divulge your identity? otherwise, it may not exactly the appropriate thing to do but not necessarily a bad thing. he has his reasons
  • Wait i'm confused, So if i write an email to "John" and John shows it to "Jane" and Jane posts my email (word for word)on Facebook.... That's legal? What happened to me having copyrights to my text?

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