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  • He may not have been that commited to the relationship in the first place. I think he may have had this romantic idea of how this would play out, maybe he reminds him of a former love, or makes him feel as if he's younger and not tied down. Regardless, he's probably someone you dont need back in your life. I would ask him why he did that, just for closures sake, and digfure out if its even worth trying to start a relatinship with a man who would leave you that easily.
  • Because he's an asshole? I suppose that's as good a reason as any. But really, if he claims to have left you for a girl he met for 1 day, then he's just a coward looking for ANY excuse to leave and probably has been for awhile.
  • Love changes. Erotic love fades. Sometimes its replaced by Friendship and life moves on, not as sexual as before but just as dependably. Most old couples love one another in a friendship capacity - a mutual dependence. But that doesn't always happen. Sometimes the erotic love fades (on average after 18 months) and doesn't turn into anything else. If that happens then a new relationship is likely to occur.
  • mabey you are not giveing it to him enough and have turned into a nag or a bitch(no offience) and has just met someone he can shag all nite with out the bickering and nagging. but that will wear off of him shortly when he finds that she has other men on the side just like him and he will try to come back to you and then it up to you if you want to take him back or not. luckly for me my wife was willing to give me a 2nd chance and i am glad that she did. today 7/6/2008 is our 8th year beaing married. we have 2 children a 7yr old girl and a 4 yr old son. and i am very sorry for the pain that i have cause them and wish i could take it all back.
  • WOW ..that's crazy. No-one in their right mind is going to do that if they have any sense of commitment toward their partner family or relationship. I can only think he has been under some kind of extreme emotional pressure and perhaps by doing this, he is thinking he can 'break out' of it. I am so very sorry for your circumstances and I truly wish you the absolute best in overcoming this most difficult life challenge. {{{{luv'n'hugs}}}
  • It's called being a man, I swear I hate them all but he'll be back, I can assure you. BUT, then it'll be up to you if you want him back
  • cues he thanks he fond better but wen he gose to work in the morning he's going to be wounding where she is because he just meet her and he boned her and if shes that easy then what makes her any different latter did that ones not the leaving the wife the g/f
  • Sounds like he has no idea just how well he "had" it.
  • He has a thing for women with bad teeth.
  • In short, because he's a coward. I am sure it has nothing to do with the other girl, and he was just looking for an out. Maybe he's feeling overwhelmed, but regardless, how he has handled the situation is extremely immature. You'd probably be better off without him.
  • One word: Stupidity - Some men have it, some don't.
  • She just an excuse. Either he has been done with you for awhile or he cannot face the responsibility of the family and the new one was the last straw. He is a coward that can't face life.
  • He is lazy and selfish.
  • Three years is not a long time in a marriage and already you have one child with another on the way which might have overwhelmed him with the associated responsibilities. Do you know each other a reasonably long period of time before you married? None of this excuses what he's done but I do know someone who was in a similar position and then someone else turned up and he went. I think you just have to see that it's highly unlikely to have any to do with you and that your priorities have to be 1. make sure you are financially secure and have support and 2. the same for your children who are the completely innocent parties. If it gets you down, the support you have in real life will be invaluable to readjust your vision; if there are times that isn't available or it doesn't work for you, come online. There are many lovely supportive people here who will relate to your situation.
  • I'll put it in better terms than BigDaddyBS: LACK OF HONOR. Such a person ultimately isn't worth your time.
  • Is he scared about having another child? Maybe the responsibility was too much and he hightailed it outta there. Or you could always go with ... because he is male and mend tend to think with their privates not their brains.
  • I would say he spent 3 years of his and your life being unhappy and should have never married you. He was not being true to himself or you and now you are hurt and confused because of his inablity to be honest with your relationship. He bailed as soon as he found the "courage" to do so and with the first excuse he could find once he found what he thought he was looking for. I would say stand by, because he'll be back for good or bad.... he'll be back.
  • If he said, or you heard he knew her for one day then someone has lied to you. No one in their right mind leaves someone as involved as he is with you for a one night stand. He put thought into it. Someone is lying to you.

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