• 1) Birth control pills are not 100% effective, even if you take them faithfully at the exact same time every day. 2) Taking a pill 8 to 12 hours late once or twice in a cycle (so long as it is not the first month you are on the pill) is not the end of the world. It is not a good idea to push your luck this way, but chance percentage wise, you are probably OK. 3) READ THE INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED WITH THE PILLS. Ask your doctor to explain how birth control pills work. Take them regularly. 4) Yes, quite frankly, you could be pregnant. But, if you have acted as you stated in your question, the chances are very, very, slim. It is unlikely that you are.
  • There's always a chance. Always. Even when you take them perfectly. However, it's a slim chance this time. Don't stress about it (stressing can make your period late, and that would just cause MORE stress!)
  • For future reference...If you are sexually active, and you have unprotected sex (or forget to take your pill like that)... Take two pills the minute you remember, two pills that evening, two the next morning and evening. Check with your doctor, but as I understand this is THE most effective way of preventing a pregnancy, after 'unprotected' sex. I think like the previous answer, you should not stress...that's probably the most common reason someone is late (God's way of scaring us to be more responsible? LOL)...
  • anything is possible but you wont know unless you get tested for it

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