• emotional stress mental exhaustion PMS? tired
  • Depression as well. I had it for a while and its no fun. Most I did was change the environment around me and felt a bit better. I'm still depressed though and can't go on meds because of my addictive personality. lol
  • It means you cannot handle the pressure anymore :) !
  • There has to be a reason for bursting out in tears. It could be exhaustion, stress, depression, or hormonal changes. I was lying on the operating table, having a breast biopsy just yesterday, and could feel pain that brought tears to my eyes. Then I thought about the ovary that was removed just two weeks ago and felt like I was going to start sobbing. I was overwhelmed with the physical changes in my body post-menopause and almost lost it right there on the table. I think it's good to just sit there and bawl away whatever is working on my nerves. It is a release and I feel better afterward.
  • Some major PMS?

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