• I sometimes comment. And no, I don't get offended if someone doesn't comment, but it does irritate me when people down-rate without an explanation.
  • I try to reply to every answer, a couple have slipped through the cracks. No, I dont get offended, I have just come to the conclusion, there are rude people out there.
  • For most part yes, I do comment and give points. But no, I don't get offended if someone chose not offer a comment(s) on mine. That's something I give very little thought to.
  • I like to if i can even if it is just to say thanks, but even if i don't i + mark everyone who answwers anyway. a-f
  • No, I don't. Normally I would just give points without leaving a comment. I don't get offended if someone doesn't comment on my answers. I think it has happened to all of us so I don't think I should whine about it.
  • Like Sweet T said, I comment on every answer received unless it happens to fall through the cracks. I think it is polite to verbally acknowledge someone taking the time to answer my question. I wouldn't say I get offended if someone doesn't comment on my answers, but if it's not the case where it fell through the cracks and the person did indeed read it, I think it shows poor manners not to respond. The only thing that really annoys me is people who post questions and never seem to respond to anyone- the point farmers.
  • Im new but yes i try to, no i dont get offended if people dont, but prefer if they do.
  • I make an attempt to, but it gets to a point when I just can't....I always try to give a specific comment for each, individual answer...none of that "Thanks for your answer" crap (no offense). And I don't care if I don't get a comment on my answers, but I'd rather get no comment at all than just a "Thanks" (once again, no offense).
  • I like to comment on the answers i receive...its the next closest thing to chatting. I dont get offended, not really, i think there is a timeframe for when its too late to comment...or there is nothing that need to be said.
  • Yes... I at least say Thanks for the answer. I usually try to comment on the answer or whatever way the answer leads me to expand a bit on the question, too. I don't really get offended, but I REALLY like getting comments, especially more than a thanks. ;-)
  • I try. I don't get offended, unless they call out my gf or family. If they do, they better hide. 'Cause I'm comin' for ya!
  • I don't comment on everything. If I have to say something, I will, but if I can't think of a response to the answer or nothing comes to mind immediately, I'm sure the person would appreciate it a lot more if I didn't make something up just so they can have a comment. And it doesn't offend me if I don't get comments, either. Can't expect people to do it every single time.
  • When I ask a question, I really want to read the answers so since I'm there and I appreciate what they wrote, or just that they thought enough to stop and comment, I will say something, thank you or a comment to let them know I am grateful they wrote something for me. I try to go back and read everything and occasionally go back to make sure I haven't missed someone. It would be nice if everyone showed in some way they read our answers, but no, I don't get annoyed. What I hate are people who just ask and ask and never go back ever, like they are only interested in points and not the answers. I do not like point farmers! They are selfish.
  • I always write a comment on the answers that I receive. It could also only be an aknowledgement, though. I don't get "offended" if I don't get comments on my answers, but if I don't get either comments or points, I could eventually omit to give points to the question.
  • I'm doing pretty good commenting on every answer since I don't have much yet.

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