• Matt, How can that not be illegal? I just don't get it but thanks for pointing it out, maybe someone can change it
  • I am shocked to hear this. I nned to research this myself before follwing too blindly. Even if it is legal in some states, it isn't federally I'm pretty darn sure.
  • I don't really see that as being legal unless it's a private religious organization/business. Businesses are allowed to not hire people because they don't feel they are compatible with how the company wants to be represtented or whatever, but being gay is RARELY legitimiately something that should make a difference or not to an organization.
  • Sadly, sexual orientation is not a protected class in many states. Petition your states' representatives to make things change!
  • A lot states still don't have legal protection for gays/lesbians. It is still legal in some states to fire/not hire you for being LGBT. Sad that in this day and age that this still happens. Not surprising nothing's changed during this administration. I still recall a few years ago a story about how Cracker Barrel had writing...that they would not hire anyone they knew was gay, and fire anyone they found out was gay. They've also been known to refuse service or give crappy service to other minorities as well. Of course, the food they serve there isn't very healthy in the first place...lots of BIG rednecks eat there!
  • There are several things that Chick-fil-a does that insures that I will never give them my business. This is just one of them. Personal choice. Here is a Forbes article on them:
  • Personally, I believe a business should have the right to hire, not hire and fire anyone they should please without the government interfering.
  • im not gay but i will say this, i would sue the shit out of that company for discrimination!! we are far behind because of small minded assholes like your prospective employer
  • Petition. Sue. Boycott. Write angry letters. The only way we will change things like this is if enough people refuse to accept it. I know a girl that was fired from Chikfila for being a lesbian. Screw them and their chicken, I don't care how delicious it is.
  • Reading the other answers, I noticed that no one mentioned the US government policy to discharge anyone in the military that is discovered to be gay. If the government can do it, why not any other business?
  • sadly, until we kick dumbass out of office, and his cronies, such atrocities will continue.
  • its the south. thats why. i understand because i ws born and raised out there. your store can get sued for that.
  • Why must you get a job baised on your sexual orientation? If you don't tell them, they will have no clue...after all...your sexual prefererance is none of their business and it is illegal in this country to ask any one "any" questions on their religion or lack of it! Also they aren't even allowed to ask your age or what sex you are!! The only way a place of employment can know your choice of religion is that if you wont work on your religious holidays or holy days!! As far as a preson being's no one's business and you shouldn't have to advertise it to get a job! Besides I don't like Chic fil a any way...they are too good to be open on Sundays but they will hire people to do their "skut" work on Sundays!! They are a very too faced company!
  • I think Chic-Fil-A should be boycotted. Serving fast food has no bearing on someone's sexual identity.
  • It is the companies decision, not a governments. That is why we are in the mess we are: too damn much corrupt government.
  • Chic-fil-a is a chritian owned business.They do whats right!, forget THE LAW.Gays aren't right, therefore they are wrong.God didn't make male and female for nothing.If you chose to be gay then you are sick.Who wants some homo fudgepacker touching thier chicken nuggets?

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