• I have only been able to make this work with software based soundboards. For this you have a driver that is a virtual driver for the soundboard software. Go into your audio options and select the Soundboard driver as your outgoing device. If it is a hardware soundboard you have to have your mic connection through the soundboard and the soundboard as your incoming and outgoing device. The hardware board is theoretical as I do not know your computer setup or what kind of connections you have on the board. The software board is in your computer and should always have drivers. Just make sure the driver is set as your default, with this you do have the problem of havin to have the soundboard on to be able to voice chat. I hope this helps out. Its the best I can do without knowing what soundboard you are using and what your OS is....
  • Go into your recording devices (Click on the speaker symbol) and disable your current microphone and than enable stero mix.

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