• thats not EVEN bad . Thats fine !
  • Exercise at least a half-hour/day. Don't starve yourself. Eat plenty of healthy meals. Break your meals up into several smaller meals/day. OR, just LOVE YOUR BODY-TYPE and maintain a healthy lifestyle!
  • Stop eating foods with alot of sugar, carbs, fat, sodium, artificial material... increase fiber intake and run around the block a few times a week. you should loose 15 pounds
  • if u really want to...then exercise!! i know u probly heard it many times before but realy its the main thing thatll help. most diets make u lose more muscle and water than fat only becuase the person doesnt exercise. go jogging everyday when the sun sint too bad at alike 6 or 7 good luck!!!!!!!! :D
  • Of course, we all need to exercise. but also: STAY AWAY FROM THE CARBS. I had the same problem. i just ate mainly meat with no starchy vceggies. Also, absolutely no pasta. gOOD LUCK. If you have any more questions, just get back to me.

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