• On Saturday, June 7, 2008, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton suspended her pioneering presidential bid with a truly moving final summation of her primary campaign, declaring her full support for Senator Barack Obama -- She 'suspended' but did 'end' her campaign, this means that legally, at any time she could take up were she left off. Importantly, she does not release her delegates and she retains them to take to the convention floor in Denver, if circumstances warrant this. Many variables remain, for example, if chosen as VP then she would merge her delegates with Obama. If he is dumb enough not to choose her, then she retains the right to use her delegates as leverage to force her to become VP or to force Obama to make policy changes that satisfy her agenda. 18 million voters gave her this prerogative and it's likely Obama will be wise enough to respect it. She is on her way to Denver.
  • she will be spending more time will Bill, lucky Bill?
  • It's finished basically.
  • She has conceded that Obama has enough votes to win the nomination at the convention. But if anything happens to Obama's campaign (he turns out to be an alien in disguise, he is caught in bet with five starlets) she retains the right to restart her campaign. Basically, it is the smallest amount she could concede without denying reality.

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