• A highway is a public way that is typically a main or direct road. It might also have toll areas. A freeway can be one or both of the following: -an expressway with fully controlled access -a highway with no tolls This answer is based purely on definition, that is not to say that some highways or freeways do not fit the proper definition, but are still called highways or freeways.
  • A freeway has 2 or more lanes in each direction. A freeway has a median or a divider/barrier between directions. Freeways have enterance/exit ramps. Freeways have no cross traffic/traffic lights/stop signs... Interstates are always freeways with, I think, 2 exeptions. A highway is a major road with a state number. Highways often have only 1 lane/direction. Highways don't need a barrier between directions. All freeways are highways, but not all highways are freeways. Freeways were often built to make a more efficient trip than smaller highways through towns.
  • I live in Australia where we drive on the left side of the road. Both freeways and highways can have on and off ramps, barriers in between directional traffic, traffic lights emergeny stopping lanes and telephones. It is generally accepted that a Highway is a road which takes you from one town or state, to another. Freeways are also a lot shorter in length than a highway and can be tollways.
  • A highway is generally owned by the state, in which you live. its costs and maintenance are provided also by your state. a freeway or interstate system, is a product of the federal government. the share cost and maintenance of the portion of interstate system through each state, is shared on a percentage basis. example: the federal government pays 70% of costs and maintenance and each state or county, pays 30%. the states own the highways. the federal government owns the freeway/interstate system. end
  • Freeway: Limited access highway: using specific exit and entrances which are limited access only to each specific entry point. Highway: Full access highway: not restricted by access by means of traffic lights and cross streets or roads.
  • i dont think there is a difference i think its just a different word that means the same thing.
  • According to Highway - a main road, esp. one between towns or cities Freeway - an express highway with no intersections, usually having traffic routed on and off by means of a cloverleaf.
  • I believe "free"way indicates there are no tolls to be paid while on that road.
  • Highway, goes between towns or cities, you will likely encounter traffic lights or stops signs. Freeway, a highway free of stopping.

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