• Disconnect the "Drive" (chain?) from the electric motor. Does it still do it??? If so, either Ur "Battery" is not "Holding a Charge", "Not Being Charged" or Ur "Motor" has a problem. Motor problems include; dry Bearings, bad Brushes, bad Windings. Check the "Current Draw" at the motors power winding with an "Induction Current Tester" from Auto Zone. They may even do it for U. They only cost a few $$$ any ways. To lube the Bearings & will need to remove the motor & take it apart. DON'T DROP OR STRIKE the "Housing" as many use a "Permanent Ceramic Magnet" that will break. Clean the "Commutator" (the thing that has a black line on the copper part from the "Brushes")with some abrasive paper until black line is gone. Replace "Brushes" & Lube "Bearings". Reassemble & then try again. Auto Zone may also be able to "Load Test Ur Battery & Charger if U take it in Fully Charged." John

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