• Pfft, no. Andre 3000 isn't even the best rapper from Outkast. I'll gift him Tupac and Biggie because people go mental whenever I say they were merely above average. Jada is OK. Nas is above average. Eminem had a large affect on hip hop. I'll agree with Jay Z. The others I'll dismiss as being mediocre at best.
  • Do I agree with the list in that order? Not really. That's a weird and arbitrary order of greatest rappers. Reggie Noble is sick with it, definitely in my top 9, but dude hasn't dropped a good album in years. Gilla Squad=yawn. Only 8 of these guys belong here. Kurupt doesn't rank in the top 25, much less the top 9. Dude wasn't top 9 back in 2002 either, he had that weak crossover hit "it's over," then faded from view. So Kurupt is out. The remaining 8 i would put this order: 1) Biggie 2) Jay-Z 3) Tupac 4) Nas 5) Eminem 6) Andre 3000 7) Redman 8) Jadakiss Some might put Tupac higher but he only gets #3 because he wasn't nearly as lyrical as BIG or Jay. He had the swag and persona on blast and he made some classics, but he was a performer first, not really lyrically sick the way hova & big did it. Nas some might rank ahead of Jay-Z, but Hov outshines him on the strength of his catalogue, at least 6 classic LPs with 8 bangers minimum on each. Nas outshines Jay on a song by song basis, but Jigga has double the total number of classic joints, easy. Eminem is definitely losing up there the longer Encore sticks my mind. Andre could pass him easily with one true classic solo LP, but not on the strength of the 4 hot features he currently drops a year. Last 2? God MCs without any sense of song structure or feel for the hook. Put Canibus, Raekwon, and Cormega in there too, and those are the Top 5 Rappers Without Musical Abilities. Hehe.
  • Remove: Redman Jada Kurupt Add: Big L Big Pun Rakim
  • No. Don't know who Reggie is, Jay-Z sucks testicles, Tupac is cool, Biggie... eh, Andre is just awesome, end of story, Jada... eh. Kurupt... eh. Nas is cool, but embarrassing and Eminem is a loser.
  • its not Eminems list in that song, it was the real american list at that time. Now the list is Tupac, Biggie, Nas, and Eminem. Theres only a top 4 but eminem was ranked 5 or it was Jay Z my list would be Tupac Biggie Nas Eminem Jay Z Big L Andre 3000
  • no I have my own,he chose big high profile commercial artists here are my greatest rappers:1 toastie taylor from the group new flesh for old:2 roxanne shante:3 rakim:4 afrika bambaataa5:flavour flav of public enemy ,just in case you may not of heard of a couple of these I base my answer on their voice,lyrical flow and content,and just the wow factor of their records
  • Somewhat. Jay-Z is too full of himself lately.
  • People obviously need to do their homework..And dude said he don't know who Reggie is???lmao..Lyrically Redman will shut any rapper up. It don't matter if its JayZ, Nas whoever. Y'all young dudes look at Red now and think he is a comedian, thats all good. But he been there and done that so he can do what he wanna do right now,,What you need to do is pick up Dare Iz a Darkside and Muddy Waters, in that order..Why do you think he has no beef? B/c he is the most respected hip hop artist out there..Y'all young niccas don't know ish....
  • Tupac and Biggie hands down the best ever. Nas and Jay-Z are close behind them. Redman has a few great CD's but thats it. Andre, Jadakiss, and Kurupt dont even make my top 10. But you gotta admit Eminem should make the list no matter who else is in it. 1. Eminem 2. Tupac 3. Biggie 4. Nas 5. Jay-Z 6. T.I 7. Game 8. Lupe 9. Chamillionaire 10. Redman (Reggie)
  • Every rapper on that list is extremely gifted lyrically. If you don't know who Reggie is then you should not be answering this question. Also it's important to note this list was compiled to fit into the song and it's not the only rappers Eminem respects.
  • Some of the answers on here are really hard to swallow. Some of these people don't know the first thing about rapping, emceeing, musical prowess, or hip-hop in general. Many old school cats really shouldn't be put in this list unless maybe you're referring to Rakim, Slick Rick, or Big Daddy Kane because they were actually emcees. Reggie gets my respect as an emcee, but not enough to hit replay because he lacks ability to make great songs. Jada also lacks that ability. He sounds good vocally, but where is the melody in his hooks? You can't always listen to it. Kurupt, too. These are very good emcees, but not too great at putting together a stellar album. As for those that actually had great abilities in storytelling, emceeing, and knowledge of what it takes to make a great song. I agree with the rest. My list: Tupac (he influenced everyone), Biggie (try and argue that Life After Death wasn't the greatest hip-hop album ever), Rakim, Nas or Jay-Z (flip a coin), Eminem (I have to rank him lower because of filler material on albums. It actually sounds like he's making bad music for kids or for his own amusement. And Encore was sh**.), Big Pun (Why is he never on lists? His first album had more head knockers than Em's first album.), Scarface, Andre3000, and my number ten pick has to got to my man Eightball because if you haven't heard the lyrics or songs like "Time", then you are missing out. This is a good list that can stand next to any hip-hop head's thoughts. There are others like Beanie Siegel, but I gave my top ten and it's a good list.
  • MAX B Gucci mane Kudi 50 cent this list is wack and eminem is like 100th er sum

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