• It's not about the ratings, it's about the Q&A. Sometimes people forget to rate.
  • I don't care if I don't get points on my answers.
  • I don't care. sometimes other people rate the answer anyway. I only answer questions I find interesting or worth their wile. On the other hand, I do rate most questions, and all answers I get to my questions.
  • i forget to rate, i dont mean to, its just that im more interested in answering people...
  • I answer questions because it's the right thing to do in life and helpful
  • I think if someone is guilty of not giving any response whatsoever to any answers they get, then maybe action is in order. However, many users who have asked a lot of questions and gotten a lot of answers sometimes forget to rate new answers on old questions. It happens to the best of us and the benefit of the doubt should be given in these situations.
  • No ...I keep on answering till they get tired and have no other choice but rate my answer ... :-) !
  • I'll be honest: Yes, some. Or at least I think twice before doing so. At least a comment would be nice once in a while (even a disagreeing one).
  • This isn't PointsBag. If I want a score that means something, I'll go play a game. I like to ask and answer questions here for the sake of the questions and answers. I gain perspective, learn and interact. The points are secondary (which is not to say I don't give points, just that they're an incidental thing).
  • I ask (a little) Answer alot Comment alot Don't care who asked or about points.
  • No. It happens often that my answers or questions never get rated, but I don't care. I'd be more then happy to know that someone read it, and if they were interested enough in my question or answer that they forget to rate me, that speaks for itself right? I don't think points are a priority at all here, and I won't make a note to condemn so and so because they don't rate me. Sometimes I forget to rate too, is it really the end of the world? For sure it can be seen as a physical way to show your appreciation, interest or even disagreement, but that is usually shown to me through comments and answers more then points. Besides, as for rating go, I know that unless I forget to rate like I mentioned, whatever question I participate in I'll rate, whether it was interesting or helpful or not, so does it really mean so much? I rate anyone who answers my questions foremost as a mark of courtesy for them taking the time to answer, even if it wasn't helpful. The only times I won't is if it was an insult or a dumb joke, which is pretty rare. Even then I don't make any special note to ignore them.
  • I don't pay attention to who asks questions until I've answered them. That way, I don't worry about answering friends' or enemies' (don't believe I have any/many) or trolls' or whatever's questions. I DO tend to ignore controversial questions (politics, religion), because, while I have my own beliefs, I don't feel I can argue the points any better than anyone else can/will. I also ignore the damn "What's this pill" questions and any others I don't think I have an answer for. Otherwise, it's WIDE OPEN. If I get points, great. If not... Someone, somewhere, sometime MAY give me points. Meanwhile, who cares?
  • I'm not bothered. And I can't really tell who never rates their questions. I'm not going to limit myself to the questions I answer. If I like it, I'll answer it. Points are nice. I like points. They make my badge nicer. But that's it. They aren't everything.
  • There are a few people out there that I feel are simply Points Farmers and I usually don't respond to them if I pay attention. I love being helpful for people, and it's the main reason why I have stayed here. But these kinds of people are not here to BE HELPED. they are here treating AB as a game, so I just don't want to play their game and respond. Sure, points don't matter much But then, why answer questions that you know no one will even bother to read by the asker or will not help someone else who comes by later and is just encouraging them to continue asking useless questions?
  • I have for quite some time too. It's not about the points though, I already have lots of those, and it's not as if I could buy something with them. What I don't like is having that feeling that my answers are ignored by the questioners themselves. It seems they aren't even interested to read my answer and that of the others.
  • i answer anything and everything that interests me. ratings don't make a difference.
  • If I know the answer to the question, I'll just write it anyway. That way, at least someone else might see it and it can still be helpful.
  • Why not answer them but withhold giving points to the person who asks them? That way your answer is out there for your AB friends to see and they could be giving you points? :)
  • I don't pay attention, honestly.
  • Doesnt really matter to me whether Im rated or not. Just so you know..I bumped you up to 103 on this particular ?question?
  • I understand your frustration, for sure. Keep in mind,there users who are relatively new to A/B (like myself for example) who aren't totally hip to the ethics and common courtesy of A/B.
  • I really have no idea who is rating my answers. I will answer all question I think I can answer. It might help someone. The last time I checked, I had over 4,500 answers with 0 points. It doesn't bother me.
  • I dunno I don't really look at who asks the questions. Sorry.

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