• Whatever they feel they need. Before I married my husband, we spent just about every moment we could together. If I was sick in bed, he'd call on the phone and talk tome for hours, keeping me company and amused. We did things together, we did nothing together. We talked, we were quiet. But at the end of 4 years we knew all we needed to know and got married as soon as I turned 18 because we just couldn't stand to be separated anymore. And we re still together, 35 years later, talking and laughing :-)
  • Everyday if you love somebody or often if schedules do not allow it. When the frequency diminishes that is a sign feelings are fading. Think about wanting to spend time with someone means your head over heels for them. Wanting to see less, the sparks are fizzling. Just an astute observation...
  • I agree with both answers, but some alone-time is healthy for a relationship also... I had a partner a few years back that would refuse to leave my side. I'm a person who needs alot of "me-time"... it didn't last :)
  • That depends on their individual, kids, etc. I used to see my now husband at least once every other day & we only lived 2 miles apart. We each had kids to care for & jobs so we couldn't see each other every day. We did talk on the phone daily but we just needed to take it slow. For many eyars now they should see each other at least every day, or make an attempt.

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