• I have. You are the bartender, you can refuse service to anyone you choose.
  • Pretty sure you can. Bartenders have alot of power.
  • You sure as hell can. Just make sure she's preggers and not fat.
  • good, a for singular and women for plural. it still could be a new drink. Ice cream, kalua, and a pickle.
  • Since you are serving a "controlled substance", it is your discretion as to whom you serve or don't serve. It is your obligation to take the health of the customer into account. Just as you wouldn't serve an extremely drunk person.
  • Can't you only refuse people alcohol if you think they are drunk or underage? If you refuse a pregnant woman alcohol, because it is not a law, you are denying her her human rights and freedoms in the country she lives. So while on the one hand it is against your morals and better judgement (probably against most people's), you cannot stop her or refuse her alcohol, mainly because she is definitely able sue the place you work at for refusing her alcohol - in which case you'll be fired. Plus, it is just a job. The only respinsibility you have is to make sure drunk people aren't getting drunker, underages aren't getting drunk, and you're making the place some money. But even then, the best advice I have is to ask your employer.
  • well most places have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason does your workplace have a sign or anything like that
  • you can refuse to serve anyone, one of the few perks of bartending.......Oh the power you hold in your mighty pouring hands.....
  • Put up a sign that says "you can/will refuse to serve anyone you choose too"...And then DO it
  • You need to ask your boss. Legally, you can refuse to serve almost anyone for any reason (except a legally discriminatory reason).
  • Depending on how the management feels, yes. You can refuse anyone. You could be sued if the ladies baby has any problems as a result of alcohol.
  • Yes....Right after you hook me up mate =D
  • the law says bartender can refuse service to anyone they choos

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