• I don't think he hates all Jews, just dislikes a lot of the rich ones. He also thinks certain things about Israel, which automatically makes anyone a anti-semite according to some. However, his association with extreme right-wing groups is pretty disturbing. I'm not sure.
  • The only people I can find who even attempt to make a series case of anti-Semitism against Icke are notoriously politicised and slanderous bodies such as the Anti-Defamation League, who have even been known to accuse Holocaust survivors of 'anti-Semitism'. In recent months uber-leftist and Jewish Independent columnist Johann Hari was also accused of holding anti-Semitic views by these very organisations for criticising the State of Israel's policy of dumping sewage in the Palestinian water supply. It's certainly the case that some right wing groups are attracted to Icke's work; but then so too are many left wing groups - and many ordinary, everyday people too. The only other question is whether the 'Reptilians' of Icke's theories are intended to be literal, or symbolic of Jews as per a supposed tradition of associating the two in Western art. I would say Icke is speaking literally when he discusses this issue. The question of whether or not he may have unintentionally adopted a right-wing symbol is open depends on whether he is right, or delusion. And THAT is a whole other question in itself... And a scary one. Because Icke's got good form, if we're honest.
  • While simply criticizing Israeli policies is not anti-semitic, there can be little doubt holocaust denial is. "Why do we play a part in suppressing alternative information to the official line of the Second World War? How is it right that while this fierce suppression goes on, free copies of the Spielberg film, Schindler's List, are given to schools to indoctrinate children with the unchallenged version of events." (From "...and the truth will set you free.") His website is packed full if articles claiming Israeli involvement in everything from 9/11, the Mumbai attacks, and the financial crisis. He even goes as far to blame jews for the 1st and 2nd world wars. "I strongly believe that a small Jewish clique which has contempt for the mass of Jewish people worked with non-Jews to create the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the Second World War." (ibid.) His basis for these beliefs? A book called "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". The "Protocols" are a forgery written by the Tsarist secret police in 1890's that claim to be the minutes of a secret meeting of Jews plotting to rule the world. It was debunked back in 1921 when it was shown to have been a plagiarism of a banned book written about the reign of Napoleon III in 1864 by French satirist Maurice Joly. Despite this, the "Protocols" have been used as proof by the Nazis and now by Islamic Fundamentalists that the Jews must be wiped out in order to save civilization itself.

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