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  • It is being dumbed down at an astronomical rate. Look at child education from about the mid 80's and back compared to now. I was watching The Andy Griffith Show and Opie was discussing American principles in elementary school. My son had no idea when WWI was and he is almost in high school... advanced classes no less. We were watching the latest Wonder Woman and in our post movie discussion, I mentioned how this version was in WWI and previous efforts centered around WWII. He spoke of some of the discussions his pears had on the subject, again the brightest of the brightest and it worried me. They are dropping the wonders of American Literature completely. I had suggested a Steinbeck novel for him and he said no, he could get the latest Halo book since they didn't care what he read at school. If it can be boiled down to a simple app with flashing colors, they youth will have their minds entertained. The new philosophy in school appears to be teach only the ones that really want it and don't worry about the rest of them. What kid wants to be taught? By the time they realize they do, it is too late. I take "Idiocracy" as a warning about the dangerous path that many can all too easily follow. The path of least resistance is not always worth the trip.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      I agree. Really. An example is people using like every other word and seceding from the wonders of description or at least using words as a progressive art form. It's always; how well am I being an accepted conformist with many and the fashion statements like hoods on a hot day and swearing MF loud rap repeating over and over to morning workgoers on the subway. It's loud is proud with nothing in between. My new roommate has me walk by him out the door after I take a shower and he just wonders why I'm not socializing much. I grew up with an artist who broke a butt open and said don't feed yourself that crap. Who listens except for their own greedy self gratification obviously because they're in pain because of nothing new to believe. I don't know if I scored a single solid premise that makes sense.
  • This question is a good one. Makes me think of the movie. Idiocracy.
  • America never was the epitome of intelligence to begin with. It's a nation of hucksters and simple minded folks. The "intelligent" people are the immigrants who come there to make their fortunes, and then move to someplace more civilised.

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