• The most notable experience was actually seeing the Yankees... that was awesome. We do have a baseball stadium very close with the local team. They run specials on hot dogs and beer, and so roomie and I will try to go to games this summer. They do a fireworks show on the 4th that you can actually see from my backyard. Totally cool!
  • 2004. Fenway park and the Yankees played Boston. I enjoyed it very much.
  • About 8-9 years ago I went to a AA game were I live. I went to a Yankee game in 1985 or so and a Met game in 1969.
  • Last year, in Tampa, I saw the Yankees kick the Devil Rays asses, I got to see Mariano Rivera Pitch, it was great! One of the last games the yanks played here! GO YANKEES!
  • St. Louis!!! Opening Day (April 10) at 3:10 p.m. when the St. Louis Cardinals played for the first time in the new stadium for their 2006 season opener against the Milwaukee Brewers!!! Yeah Baby!!!
  • I went to a Detroit Tigers game 2 years ago, they were playing the twins, and the tigers won! It was a really exciting game!
  • 1980 Played @ Memorial Stadium(Baltimore) Orioles vs. Kansas City Royals The Orioles lost 4-2 Yes I enjoyed it.
  • A. Baseball is ONE word. B. I went to a baseball game in Anaheim in 1992. C. The Angels won. D. Yes.
  • My wife and I went to see the Dodgers vs. Opponent at Dodger Stadium in April, 1994. I would love to have been in B town, with a B hat on, at Fenway on October 27(?), 2004! :D
  • sorry only Baseball I ever go to see is the small time kind "Little League" and I watched it last week when a good friends son was pitching he is 11yrs old and his speed is 60 miles and hr. he made the Little League Hall of Fame last yr. and I go when my nieces play.

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